Tuesday, 12 February 2019

How to Choose Right Packaging Material Supplies [Guide]

Your packaging material choice for your Consumer Packaged Goods should never be a second thought. It’s a definite recommendation to opt for best Packing Materials UK to maintain your brand rank.

Much is anticipated from the present packaging materials and brands must choose to pack materials keeping various factors in consideration including functionality, safety, shelf appeal and sustainability. Moreover, choice of packaging can be an extremely significant aspect of a brand’s marketing scheme. 

Today’s packing designs are not merely about protecting or containing a product, yet is also about providing information, exceeding customer expectation and delivering what customers expect.

Sort of packaging will always be influenced by the kind of CPG product. For instance, food products must be packed considering various safety regulations. While several CPG products are not required to abide by the strict safety rules that food products have to, however, people expect the packaging to be functional, attractive and safe. 

Moreover, all types of CPG packaging are a growing concern with sustainability. Social and environmental responsibility are vital branding traits, majorly to younger customers. Let’s learn about some major factors that matters while choosing the packaging materials for CPG.

Safety and Functionality in Food Packaging

The packing that contains food items must not cause harmful reactions with the item inside. It must not cause catalyze reactions or toxicity in the food product, and must not even transfer toxic substances to food from packaging.  Food packaging must achieve the following purpose:

1. Restraint the food product
2. Preserve and protect the food from biochemical and physical changes, water, light, air and other materials.
3. Effectual marketing of the product inside
4. Convenient to use

As per the rules set by FDA, it is the responsibility of manufacturers to comply by all specifications of packaging materials that contact food. All considerations are in vain if the regulations and safety requirements for packing food products are not met. Food safety is of prime importance.

Brand Marketing and Design of Food Packaging

Although safety and containment is of prime importance, branding and marketing also matters. The correct choice of packaging helps in establishing the identity of brand and provide important information of your business and its values to the customers. In order to appeal the right audience design can be produced using ideal text, shape, colour and ways of opening and closing. 

Above all, branding section must promise the quality that product actually offers. A customer can be fooled by extraordinary packaging once on a low-quality product, however they will not make a similar mistake again.

Shelf-readiness is the another important aspect of marketing and branding. Besides powerful shelf-readiness, neatly-shelved products are more reflecting and appealing and beneficial for all including the providers of wholesale packaging supplies, retailers and of course the brand.

Pricing of Nonfood CPG Products Packaging

CPG products include many other items apart from food such as cleaning supplies, beauty and health, utensils etc. that contemplate the importance of packing design. In order to maintain the profit margins the cost of packaging materials is highly important. However, it must be considered from various angles, including the durability of the packing material while delivery, transport and during shortages.

Just like food products, functionality and quality matters with non-food products of CPG as well. Innovative packaging may not work if it doesn’t secure products while its journey from the manufacturer to the customer. Hence, it is important to balance the quality and cost to avoid the replacement problems. 

Standard Vs bespoke sizes are another cost consideration. In general, standard sizes offer more convenience and flexibility during storage, transportation and handling, in addition they are more cost-effective. While on the other hand to enhance the visual impact you must opt for non-standard sizes & bold labeling design. Wholesale packaging supplies will also help in balancing between the cost and pfrofit margins.

Storage and Distribution Considerations

Selecting the suitable packaging materials, for example boxes for moving house, requires a deep understanding of the life cycle of product from manufacturing unit to stock room, distribution, retail and customer’s home. In order to arrive the product at consumer’s home fresh and undamaged, sort of transportation used, as well as the storage conditions at different levels of the life-cycle of product must all influence the selection of packaging material.

E-Commerce Packaging and Comfort

E-commerce packaging must be size-appropriate, easy to store and practical. Furthermore, if it is innovative (for e.g.  snack baggies that stand straight on their own and can be easily re-sealed) then its much better. Despite the e-commerce customers shop products of their choice, they can feel even happier when their parcel comes on time and they get exactly what was expected. 

Unboxing Experience of the Consumer

Irrespective of the product inside, customers engage with both primary & secondary packaging, that drives a sense of trust: is it the right product? Is it in perfect condition? Should I continue shopping with the same site next time? 

CPG Brands that have strong presence in the e-commerce industry aren't simply conveying an ordeal that must match with customer’s typical in-store experience. To some extent it must compete with the experiences a customer has had unpacking deliveries of all types. Get the best packing materials UK and attract more customers.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Tips to Improve Brand Engagement Through Packaging

Packaging is necessary for all kind of commodities and products. It is an art of designing appropriate packages for products. Packaging is different from packing. Never confuse packing with packaging. Packing is the outer layer or the container in which the products are kept and preserved for reuse. At times, containers can be used for recycling as well. Packaging is not packing. 

The packaging of a product means providing the outer most layers to the product item. 

That layer contains the product information of the product. The packages are needed to be extremely eye catchy and should grab the attention of the people. A product with good packaging is likely more scalable than a product whose packaging is dull and not liked by the people. The package contains all necessary contents of the products like the ingredients, product name, brand name and logo of the brand. The packages are specially designed by expertise staffs appointed by the companies. They are appointed especially for packaging.

The packaging of the products adds on to the business and sale of the product. They can be used as a means to build the brand goodwill for their customers who tend to purchase the product for the first time. The packaging of the product is included in the cost of the product. The customers do not need to pay the extra amount for the packaging. Packaging supplies can also be used for productive purposes. 

The package of the product means the external outer part of the product that we usually do not keep for future use. It is the first thing that the consumer sees when they go in the market shops for purchasing the product. 

Packaging not just is used for attracting the costumers towards the product but also is used for social campaigns and awareness towards the people, as is given in the cigarette packets, "cigarette smoking is injurious to health." Precautions and warnings are also given in detail on the packages of the products.

There are many companies in UK who take the responsibilities of packaging. They mostly take orders or tenders from bigger organizations and render them with appropriate packages with the right designs that the company demanded. Wholesale Packaging is increasing day by day. 

The process of Wholesale Packaging has eased the task of the production of the products. The investments in the products include the cost of packaging. The people are investing in the companies with the view of getting expected returns. The packaging of the products should be according to the demands of the producers. The packaging should match the agenda of the brand and should be parallel with the campaigns that are being carried in the market and also with the strategies that are devised by the companies. 

Style should be ensured as the people these days are more attracted with the outer appearance and look. The packaging of the goods is given prime importance by the company. These methods of packaging can increase the value of the product in the competitive market. 

Friday, 21 December 2018

How to Create a Memorable and Shareable Unboxing Experience

When you have an e-commerce business, you are not in direct contact with your customers. When your package gets shipped, and the customer receives the packaging, it is the first direct touch point communication you have with your customer. We are all aware how much vital role does packaging plays nowadays. 

Along with product review and quality, it is also essential for you to make sure that the product gets delivered in a nice package and there is no damage or tampering caused to it. Since most of the e-commerce websites also charge for the delivery and packaging, it becomes more crucial to ensure that there is nothing wrong with the packaging supplies

Before we share with you how to make a more significant impact on your customers via packaging, let us see what precisely branded packaging experience is.

Branded packaging experience

It is nothing but a thoughtful decision that is made to ensure that the materials which are used for shipping and packaging are of good quality and has a charming impact on your customers. 

When you have a positive first impression of your brand in front of your customers, it is likely that they are going to visit your website more often and trust it for making more purchases. You already have minor touch points when you are an online retailer. 

For the physical retailers, they have more option to show the products to the customers and get their trust. The customers can also touch the product to check the quality, if possible as in case of clothing etc. But, for online shopping, you need to give special attention to the packaging to ensure that you make yourselves better form the competitors. 

How to create customized packaging?

1. Packaging 

The container in which you are shipping the product is one of the main concerns while getting it delivered. It can be a box, bag depending upon what kind of product you are selling. Although the brown and white corrugated packaging options come at a lesser price, they are also ubiquitous, and they don't add a 'wow' factor. 

So, if you want to make an impact, you need to increase your budget and ensure that you provide with better packaging materials.

2. Tissue Paper

You need to ensure that you are wrapping the product in a tissue paper. It just doesn't guarantee the safety of the product, but it also adds an excitement factor. 

You can have printed or colored tissue paper to increase the excitement level. 

3. Fillers

More than the product, many of us are still more excited to see the bubble wrap. Not only the cartridges ensure that the product is not damaged and in the right place, but it also makes the entire thing look visually more appealing. 

You can also provide with colored crinkle paper to give a premium feel.

4. Stickers

They are not much expensive and versatile as well. If you want to provide with customized and printed boxes, you can also add labels to it to make it look attractive.

These are some of the tricks which you can use to make an unboxing more fun and memorable. The better the logistics of the company, the better is the sale.  

Monday, 26 November 2018

How to Know How Many Boxes We Need to Move

If you are planning to move, you would understand that the most challenging part about moving is packing. Packing can throw several questions at you like, how do you wrap the fragile stuff in your home, or how do you wrap the clothes, etc. Apart from these, you may also wonder about the kind of packing boxes you would need to pack all your stuff. Most of the time you'll be worried about knowing the number of packing boxes required by you for packing the stuff. This is the trickiest question, and its answers differ from one family to another.

You should know how to estimate the number of cardboard removal boxes that you'll need when you are moving.

When you are calculating the number of boxes to be used while packing your stuff, you need to take so many variables into account. Each home has different contents than another and here's where the calculation differs.

How to calculate the number of boxes needed for moving?

The most basic method to do this is by counting the number of items that need to be moved. You then have to measure these items and then measure each box and find out how many pieces can fit into the box. This is the most accurate way of doing things, but it is also quite time-consuming. So, it can be quite impractical for you if you have a large house and you are planning a big move.

Another thing you could do is that you can pick up the most popular sized boxes from the market and try to fit in your stuff into that. Initially, you can take 10 or 20 of them and then top them up with more if needed. 

When you are packing the stuff on your own, you will need different sized boxes for different purposes.

The number of boxes that you'll need to move also depends on the size of your house. If you have a one bedroom home, ten small moving boxes, five medium boxes, and three large boxes will be sufficient for you — the number of boxes needed to move increases as the size of the house increases.

For a 2-3 bedroom house, you will need around ten small moving boxes, ten medium boxes, and five large boxes. This number of boxes will be sufficient to move the goods for a family of 3-4 members.

For a 3-4-bedroom home, you will need around 15 small moving boxes, ten medium boxes, and ten large boxes. This number of boxes will be sufficient to move the goods for a family of 4 members. 

This is just an average number of boxes you will need to move. If you think that your family members have hoarded a lot of stuff, then you may as well increase the number of boxes.

Generally, the rule of thumb says that the longer you have stayed in a home, the larger amount of things you will be having and thus you will need number of boxes. 

Monday, 29 October 2018

Top reasons why Packaging Supplies are of paramount importance for best safety

The experts in the business must assess the product packaging. Experienced professionals will tell you exactly on how to pack the items after inspecting it thoroughly. Product dimensions, drawings, and 3D modeling prototypes can also be of best help. Mailbags and other micro bags could be sufficient for small transactions instead of choosing the big cartons for your businesses of smaller kind. Padded pockets facilitate secure postage as well. That fits your e-commerce purposes. 

Tools and equipment maintenance

What kind of packing equipment is essential to meet the business needs of yours? How to maintain the purchased packing materials, tools, and equipment. When you are getting the right ideas from the experts to sort out this first step, then you can save a lot of money for years to come. Packing station in the warehouse is sure to boost the productivity of the organization. 

Cut down the wastes or overuse

Untrained staff can waste the Packaging Supplies. They can sometimes overuse too. Monitoring and surveillance can help. Maintenance of the packing equipment is often overlooked in many commercial units in particular. This is one area where you can save money too. Packaging is of paramount importance for so many reasons.  There are specialized training courses that are available for the packers and the movers, to be certified and authorized to do the job. 

The professionals who enter into the industry for the first time to serve the residential, commercial and industrial clients will have to undergo induction training to understand the practical details involved in the affair. How to use the Bubble Wrap Roll, silicate packs, wooden blocks, cardboard boxes, sand, and so on, for packing protection. Professionals know that.

Smart packing

A list of different items will be given to the trainees to know the storing, packaging and moving procedures for each type of thing. The products are classified into three major categories. Robust and sturdy type, fragile type, and the standard type are the three categories based on what you will segregate the items that you are going to store, move or pack in the client’s facility at any given day.

When you have successfully delivered it, but the storage in the warehouse is not done promptly with the original packed materials, then the products are damaged because of the bugs and termites again. Therefore, it is essential to look into all these minute details for moving and storing needs without fail.  

You cannot mix and match the items from one category to that of the other. If you do so, then there are all possibilities for damages to occur. Protective packaging helps the things to stay away from the attack of the corrosion, pests, and so on. Most of the items that are moved with great Del off care and attention will not be damaged quite easily. On the other hand, if you are not packing well, then the chances of damages are higher. Spend some money for Packaging Supplies to ensure complete safety. It is worth it. 

Friday, 21 September 2018

Ways to Efficient Packaging

When you are producing some items for your business, you would definitely like to enhance the overall user experience with the same. While the products might of high-quality, the overall packaging of the products also plays a vital role in determining its success. Most of the businesses out there tend to ignore the importance of packaging for promoting the products & services. 

Packaging is known to affect several aspects of the business –including the overall growth & revenue. Therefore, the packaging choices for the series of products of your business must be adhering to the given standards. At the same time, the packaging of the delivered items must also be able to satisfy the unique requirements of the users and make them feel reputed about the given product range. 

Here are some ways in which you can ensure efficient packaging for your product items:

Ensure Greener Packaging

The era we live in going environment-friendly. Therefore, more end users are nowadays looking forward to buying products that are eco-friendly. As such, there is no denying the fact that packaging of the items should also be done in an environmental-friendly manner to attract the potential buyers. Packaging trends in the recent times reflect the increased usage of biodegradable, reusable packaging items that put less burden on the environment. 

Ensure the Right Packaging

There is a myriad of options when it comes to packaging the items. Therefore, it might turn out difficult finalizing the best one for your product range and business. It is considered the best option to decide which type of packaging material you will be using during the first stage of the product designing. This will help in avoiding any confusion in the later stages of product development and delivery. You might not just want to select a single packaging type. Thus, you can look out for multiple options to come up with the best one out there. 

Minimize the Last Minute Decisions

Most of the businesses out there tend to commit the mistake of leaving the packaging decisions of the products at the last minute. As such, they end up selecting more expensive and larger packaging designs. Selecting the right packaging at the right time is a crucial component of the production process of any product. Therefore, you must decide upon the same before it gets too late. Create a separate list of the design requirements and analyze the overall cost of packaging for your products.

Maintain the Packaging Inventory 

Always look into the inventory of the packaging materials for the products being delivered by your company. Keep updating the same and never run out of the vital packaging items that you would need at all times. When you have the proper stock of the packaging material, it can help in last-minute packaging without any hassles. 

Make the most of the packaging supplies and material to ensure the best-in-class packaging of the items in your business. 

Monday, 20 August 2018

How to Pack Clothes for Moving

When you plan to move to a new apartment there are a lot of things you need to plan out in advance so that you get to shift things smoothly and safely. Of which the most tedious task is packing things right.

Of many things that make you nervous when going for packing and moving, clothes are the ones that top the list. It makes the most part of your moving boxes and there are different ways each clothe should be treated and packed. To get you rid of this situation here are a few expert tips, from the leading packaging supplies company, that should help you to pack clothes for moving like an expert!

Sort Carefully

The first thing that you should do for this is proper sorting of the clothes. If you sort them properly you get to keep them in a proper order and arrangement and this allows you to take best care of them. 

So, it is recommended to sort out your clothes as irrelevant clothes (out of season ones), outdated clothes (no more in trend), outgrown clothes (to be retired), and worn out clothes (no point in wearing anymore). 

Having your clothes organized well you get to keep the favorite and newest ones at your easy reach and in the best conditions. 

Pre-pack clothes

Pre-pack all the clothes that are not needed by you anytime immediately. Like the ones you use while going out or wear to office. If you are not requiring hiking suit or raincoat you should better keep them down below in the pile. 

The clothes you will be requiring should be in your access so you should loose pack them and keep them filled in the boxes that are in your instant access. Also, put aside the clothes that you would wear during relocation. 

Group your clothing

In order to get the best results out of packing and moving, categorize clothes based on the type of material, season, size and purpose. 

Create these boxes looking at the requirement of each clothe type. For natural fabrics you should be creating wardrobe storage boxes with conditions that help it avoid creasing. 

For synthetic and polyester clothes keep it cramming-proof. Bring all small clothes like t-shirts and tanks in one box and long clothes in another. This will save you more space. Also, pack the current season’s clothes in one box and keep them separate from the other clothes in loose packing.

Take enough safety measures

When you are packing your clothes add protective layers (of tissue papers or plastic sheets) between delicate clothes that are made of expensive and rare material. Use insect repellent in the packaging boxes to avoid any damage by moths and other insects. 

Also, while you are packing your clothes make sure that you only put dry and clean clothes in the storage boxes, so that no stains or colors pass onto the other. So, you should keep all your wet and untidy clothes in separate well-sealed pouches.

These tips can vitally help you pack your clothes for moving and keeping them in best shape and condition.