Wednesday, 25 March 2020

All about Messenger or Postal Bag

Messenger bags or mail bags are designed to be used as a carrier for the transportation of mails and goods from one place to another. In olden times the postal bags or messenger bags were used for collecting and categorizing the mails based on their destination and medium of transportation.

Postal Bag

The most unforgettable history about the usage of postal bags - between years 1913 to 1915 when parents used postal mail system to deliver their kids miles away to their relatives through postal bags by the postmasters. 

About Postal Bags:

  • The postal bags are of many types based on their usages. Usually, the bag is made up of leather to ensure that the heavy-duty goods and mails inside remain intact. These are durable and water resistance bags that offer protection to the goods and mails.
  • This type of postal bag is structured in such a way that it has a single strap closure due which the goods or mails kept inside are easily accessible and at the same time due to locking system are safe and secured. The mail bags have enough space to organize mails effectively so that they can be distributed without any fuss.
The idea of using a mail bag was introduced in 1780. This was when mails were dispatched through ships, mail bags were used to segregate them according to the intended destination. These classic bags carry hundreds of mails within and the postmasters used to deliver them from door to door every day. 

Types of Mail Bags:

The mail bags or postal bags in England were bifurcated into different types according to the security of mails.
  • Mail sacks: This has no lock system and carries low-security mails.
  • Mail satchel: This is used for personal mail delivery on a designated route.
  • Mail Pouch: This is used for delivering military mails, registered mails and first class mails.
  • Catcher Pouch: A mail bag used by railway post office in exchange when the train does not stop at the station.

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Friday, 14 February 2020

Buying Wholesale Packaging for your Business

For a wholesaler, goods must reach the retailer or from the retailer to the customer in perfect condition. Therefore, it is imperative that while purchasing wholesale packaging materials it should fit your business requirements.
Packing Materials UK
And for that, let us understand what tips are to be considered while buying or selecting packaging material to distribute merchandise to consumers or retailers:
  1. There are different types of packaging material available in the market such as single boxes, double cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes and boxes as per product. Before choosing boxes for packaging goods, you need to be aware of the types of goods that are going to be shipped and then purchase the wholesale box which is right for the shipment of your goods. The type of item has a big impact on the best choice of packaging. 
  2. Every box has different specifications, before buying boxes you should check that specification given should fulfil the requirements of the product to be kept inside. The specification includes size, durability, shape etc. Measure your goods, and think about any padding such as bubble wrap or cellophane which might take up space in a box, or even any additional items or paperwork and purchase accordingly.
  3. The cost-effectiveness of packaging material depends on more than just its price. Standard sizing can help you reduce packaging costs, but consider the benefits of different materials to see which one helps you save. For instance, some packaging types are lighter than others, reducing transportation costs, while others are easier to handle and help boost production efficiency. 

Why does packaging matters to business?

Packaging sets the tone, protects the product, and establishes the first impression with the brand that cannot be retracted. No consumer wants to receive a product that has been scratched, dented, or is broken. Low-quality materials, lack of cushioning, and incorrect box sizes are common reasons why products get damaged during the shipping process.

Product packaging has a strong effect on consumers so it is important to utilize the marketing benefits that packaging offers as well. Your customer sees the package before they open the box to view your product. Use packaging to create a lasting impression that will resonate with your customer and distinguish your brand, because, first impression counts!

Benefits of Bulk Buying

Buying in bulk can provide several immediate business benefits but the key stage of buying in bulk at trade prices is choosing the best supplier for you. Selecting the best packaging supplier for your business can lead to improved distribution processes, as well as increased revenue potential from bulk purchase packaging savings. The priority in selecting a packaging supplier will differ based on your business offerings, but it is an important consideration.

Packaging Express is a trusted and established packing materials UK supplier having competitive prices. They make honest efforts to understand and fulfil your business needs.

Friday, 24 January 2020

Types of Moving Boxes Used For Packing Goods

While packing your stuff, one should be assured that removal boxes used, are suitable for transporting your goods with minimal chances of damage. While it can be tempting to use the cheapest boxes and packing supplies available, the type of boxes and supplies that you use will likely have a big impact on keeping your items safe and secure during the move or in a storage facility.
Removal Boxes
Cardboard boxes are primarily used in the packaging of goods. Planning is the most important part while packing. Therefore we have listed some types of cardboard removal boxes and explained their uses for a specific type of items to be kept in them.
  1. Coagulated Boxes: Designed to be strong with extra cushioning to protect fragile items, they are used widely in the food industry as well as for shipping in bundles. Corrugated boxes are stronger than your average cardboard box and come in a wide range of sizes.
  2. Wardrobe Boxes: These boxes are specially designed to safely transport hanging clothes such as suits, jackets, shirts and other hanging clothes. Clothes can simply be moved from your closet and hung on the box’s metal hanging bar.
  3. Pallet Boxes: Pallet boxes are used for the shipping of heavy items or bulk packing of goods. These boxes can dramatically reduce transport and shipping costs because you can pack lots of items. Goods packed are secured with strapping, stretch wrap or shrink wrap in the pallet boxes.
  4. Bulk Distribution Carton: These are industry standard boxes used for mail orders or retail business designed for storing garments, catalogues and other such products.
  5. Dish Pack Boxes: Dish packs are used for packaging to protect fragile and breakable kitchen utensils. Dish box has a double layer of corrugated cardboard. These extra-thick walls give the items inside an added layer of protection.
There are a few varieties of cardboard removal boxes used for packing and shipping different types of items. You can analyse which removal boxes are used for packing different items. Packaging Express provides a wide variety of products online at trade price.

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Some Tips to Lower Your Costs with Packaging Supplies

Packaging plays a crucial role in the company’s success. Packaging not only caters a supportive role but also a promotional role. It is aptly stated, "Don’t design for brands, design for people interacting with the brands."

If your company embraces a sustainable business practice and inculcates waste-free strategies then a company can benefit from reduced waste packaging.

Myriad companies are lavishly spending many bucks on the packaging that is of no good. 

Here are a few cherry-picked tips which companies can follow and lower their cost with packaging supplies.


You need to ask yourself certain questions before opting for packaging.

So, let’s get going-

Streamlining Packaging
Most of the businesses are least concerned about giving thought into streamlining their packaging. Luckily, there are many alterations and readjustments. Package redesign could be a great help.

Consider using lightweight packaging material
If you are a medium-sized business consider using bubble wraps, foldable carton boxes, plastic air pillows - all are lightweight and less expensive.

Research Your Options
We all know product packaging plays an important role in the business. The prime purpose of packaging should be to safeguard the product and attract more and more customers. 

From small boxes to corrugated cardboard boxes there are myriad varieties of boxes available in the market. But by doing thorough research, companies can ascertain the right packaging material that will safeguard the product from any damage.

Optimise your Packaging
Before you embark on cost-savings, ask yourself the following listed questions. Once the business comes across the reasons why their packaging costs are skyrocketing, it will be easily addressed by giving due consideration. 

What are the causes contribute to Higher Packaging costs?
Before we list reasons, we must understand that it is not just the industry of packaging supplies, which is struggling with an inflationary challenge, it is with everyone.

  • Inadequately designed packaging material can increase your expenses.
  • High Shipping Expenses
  • General overhead rises
  • Labour costs
  • Damage in Transit
Go for Eco-friendly Packing Material
Green packaging is good for the environment as well for you. Consider swapping with eco-friendly packaging. Switching to sustainable packaging makes sense.

Irrespective of the industry eco-friendly packing materials are versatile enough to suit the requirement.

Make sure your packaging is as lean as possible and efficient. Packaging Express is one of the mainstream packaging suppliers in the UK.

Hope you had a good read :)

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Tips and Tricks for Hassle-Free Moving

Moving house can be a daunting task. Packing different items of different sizes and specification (sharp, delicate, blunt, and unbreakable) have never been hassle-free. Packaging of such items needs meticulous planning and good quality packaging material. 

Removal boxes and other packaging material play a major role in moving household items from one place to another. 

To make it little easier we have brought to you some tips and advice to make moving a little easier.

1. Use appropriate Boxes for different Items:

Pick the right type of boxes for moving and containers as per your accessories and items that are to be kept. Anything can go wrong while moving different types of stuff from one place to another; therefore, it is very important to choose the correct shape and size of the removal boxes, containers, postal bagadhesives, tapes and more.

2. Take time while Packing Items:

Do not rush while packing your stuff and overburdening the boxes without thinking about the safety of your items.

 3. Proper use of Tapes and Adhesives:

The legitimate use of tapes and adhesives are important to keep your products sealed and safe from all the corners of boxes for moving. This ensures that your products should not get harmed while moving.

4. Use additional Padding for fragile and Electronics Items:

Bubble wraps, edge protectors and thermocol balls can be used while packing fragile items as well as electronic items. Make sure while packing such items you include enough packing material so there is no movement inside the box. This keeps the products intact and reduces risk even when the packaging box falls. 

 5. Use Wardrobe/ moving boxes for your clothing Section:

While moving and packing expensive clothes, be careful with the way you pack them. Use moving boxes or wardrobe. This is a wonderful tool which keeps your clothes away from wrinkling. Remember not to over pack the moving box.

6. Use Zip-lock for placing Small Items:

Keep your essentials of day to day life, like makeup products in the zip-lock bags. Also do not forget to put extra zip-lock bags so that you can put screws, nails and other important little pieces of your furniture safely in the bag.


7. Label every Box Carefully:

Make a list and label all your boxes for moving. This will make everything simple while unpacking and organising the stuff in your new house. 

These are a few tips and tricks we have gathered for you to keep your items safe and intact while moving home. Do not forget to have good quality boxes for moving house from packaging material suppliers.

Friday, 27 September 2019

Tips For Choosing The Right Cardboard Boxes For Your Business

Cardboard boxes that you use to supply your products might seem like something extra, but you should never take presentation of your business for granted. Poor quality packing will make your business look cheap and moreover boxes that do not protect items properly may leave you with disputes about refunds as well as some terrible verbal comments from disappointed customers.

Despite enormous advances in material science nothing can still match the good old cardboard for strength and convenience at a realistic price. They are incredibly easy to use and are still the most popular way to post anything.

Now with internet it has become quite easy to browse through the wide world of boxes before making your choice. You can simply make your choice and get your flat packed boxes to arrive ready for assembly & dispatch.

Choosing the right box takes some thought as you need to consider several things like size of your product, the support it may require and how delicate it is. Shipping fresh air is something you have to pay for, so the better the fit the less you’ll pay in wasted postage.


Cardboard boxes come in several different sizes, shapes and are very versatile; your personal choice depends on the way the box is put together and the number of layers of corrugated cardboard which make up its walls. Single-wall cardboard boxes are not only traditional favourite but are also cheap and easy to use as well as light weight. They however, do not support heavy products – ask for samples before going into the business. On the other hand double wall cardboard boxes give the extra level of protection for fragile and delicate products.


Double wall cardboard boxes are quite thick with 7 mm wall around your product and provide an extra layer of protection, however they cost a little more than single wall boxes. Due to this extra layer double wall boxes are more rigid are more resistant to damage. Consider these boxes if your product weighs much or can be easily damaged. These boxes do not weigh much more than single wall boxes hence shouldn’t add much to your postage costs. Moreover double wall boxes last longer so if you use them for storage, you should get multiple uses from them.

Bespoke boxes

You can now design the box according to your shipping requirements and budget. You can decide your own choice of join like stitched or glued and can choose between a single or double wall boxes. as

Though cardboard boxes are very versatile, they are very rarely a complete solution and you need to find the right tape or fastening and also consider using packing materials like paper or bubble wrap roll to keep your product safe and sound all the way to the customer. Companies that offer both the box & accessories are best and will save you time as well as get you deals when you buy both together.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

7 Types of Packaging Supplies and How to Use Them

Before sending a package, you want to be sure that is packaged carefully, and the risk associated with it getting damaged gets minimized. 

Here is the list of the best packaging materials that you should know about:


Cardboard boxes are one of the most used items by packaging suppliers. You can find boxes made of cardboard in different shapes and sizes which can be used depending on your requirement. There are small boxed which be used for the mailboxes, big ones that are used when someone is shifting from one place to another. Cardboard on a roll is another popular material you can easily find today, which is ideal for materials that have an unusual size.  The cardboard can also be used to separate different articles in the box.


Plastic film is one of the best kinds of sealing materials that can be found today. It comes with a shrink and stretch foil which are used to seal multiple articles all at once. The stretch foil is so-called because of its elastic properties. Shrink sealing, on the other hand, gets heated up when wrapped around a product and melts after some time. Sealing is also done on products before they are sent for loading in the trucks.

Plastic bags

There are different types of plastic bags that are used for packaging apart from the traditional ones. Some of them come with a zipper, others with a drawstring or snap fastening depending on the requirement. You can also find pouches that are sealed and ideal for packaging materials that might leak. Another new variety of bags are the isothermal pockets which are used for maintaining the temperature of the products. 

At times, foam sachets or air cushions are used for handling fragile products. These small bags are similar to the bubble wrap, but in this, the bubbles are present on the outer side of the bad so that it is easy to put the products back into the bag. But they offer similar protection as that of a bubble wrap. 


Paper has several advantages as a packaging material. It is inexpensive, easy, and eco-friendly. You can find a wide variety of wrapping papers that are used for packaging today.

Bleached kraft

This kind of material is extremely strong and is in the form of white paper, which is considered ideal for almost all types of shipments.

Crepe paper

This paper is thin and used for separating or packaging the extreme shapes very easily. This type of paper is considered to be useful for box stuffing and is quite expensive as well.

Natron kraft 

You must know this as a traditional brown packing paper which is used for holding small packets at it is robust and can hold weights to a certain extent.

Filled air 

This is known for plastic bags or air cushions. The airbags are highly protective and can be used quickly as a shield for the products.