Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Top Ways to Reduce Packaging Costs

If you own a business, reducing the overall costs is your primary concern at all times. With the ever-rising competition from businesses all around along with the additional price pressures affecting each operation of business organizations –right from packaging to the logistics, it is high time that business ventures out there should consider reducing the overall costs to remain competitive in the current era.

In such a scenario, packaging costs for a business enterprise are no new expenses. Remember, your product packaging can say a lot about your business. It can help in promoting your business positively through progressive branding. 

At the same time, proper packaging also helps in offering protection to your products in transit. It is the first thing that your consumers will observe while receiving the products. 

As such, you must look forward to improving the overall packaging of your products to expect the best results. Saving money on your packaging budget is yet another vital consideration. 

Here are some ways in which you can do it: 

Research the Available Options

You can come across a wide range of high-end, affordable packaging supplies options available out there. One-sized box or package might not fit all businesses alike. 

Therefore, if you wish to ensure the best packaging solutions being delivered to you, it is considered a great option to do some research on your part. 

The packaging of your products must be designed efficiently along with offering the assurance of immense durability. 

Some important factors that you must consider while researching for the packaging options include total costs of the packaging materials, ease of handling, the durability of the packaging for transportation, government regulations, and the overall aesthetics. 

Save on Quantity & Size

It is vital to note that not all your products might require multiple layers of high-quality packaging. You must choose the packaging materials on the basis of the type of products being shipped and the relevant conditions of transportation & handling. 

When you have fewer layers of packaging, it implies smaller boxes. In addition to the entire packaging, you must also aim at economizing the other relevant aspects of product packaging including tapes, ribbons, threads, plastic bubble wraps, and so more. 

You must use only what is necessary & eliminate the things that are not needed for packaging.

Purchase Packaging in Small Batches

When you are buying cartons, plastic packaging, and other packaging materials, you should aim at purchasing only what is required. You should not invest in large quantities of materials for packaging that you might not need. 

As you would keep the overall design of the product range in your business, there are higher chances that you might require packaging of different types to suffice your purpose. Therefore, it is recommended that you should consider buying packaging & the respective materials only in smaller batches. 

Make way for a successful business through the effective & impressive packaging of the products being delivered to the customers. 

Make sure that you avail cost-effective packaging services from the reliable packaging supplier available out there!

Monday, 4 June 2018

Interesting Uses of Kraft Paper Roll

If you have kids, you know the importance of kraft paper rolls. Being a parent, you have to be involved in all the craft projects of your children. And not even a single project gets completed without kraft paper roll

Here we have compiled various uses of this versatile paper.

Artistic Background

source: Weddbook

A kraft paper can be used to create an artistic background be it for photography, sharing a recipe, making an announcement, birthday celebrations and more such uses. 

You can click a picture of kid, say when he turns say one year. You need to decorate it, write the message and his age and use it as a backdrop. 

Gift bags

You can engage your child in making kraft paper gift bags. 

source: pinterest.com

Here is a DIY for making gift bags. 

1. Cut a kraft paper in the size you want to make a bag. 

2. Then fold the paper in half, punch holes for the ribbon. 

3. Decorate the bag as per your liking with ribbons and thank you cards. 

4. Stick heart stickers. 

You can pur anything like candies or chocolates inside and gift it to your best friend in school.

Colouring Sheets

source: pinterest.com

Using kraft paper you can create large colouring sheets for your child. They would surely enjoy to colour it. If your child loves sketching, then he himself can create different designs and then fill colour in it. 

Such colourful sheets can be used as play mats as well. Make shift train track or board games can be created using kraft paper rolls.

Learning Aids

source: TheGreenOffice.com

Kraft paper can be used to create learning aids for your kids. Children learn fast when they have visual aid to guide them. 

While playing, they learn faster. You can teach them a lot many things using kraft paper learning aids like how to set the table and more such stuff. 

Your children would love to create such learning aids themselves using kraft paper and colours.  

Selfie Point Backdrop

source: pinterest.com

You can even create a selfie point backdrop using kraft paper roll. All you need is bit creativity! 

Get as much creative as you can get and experiment as much as you want. For your child’s birthday party, you can arrange such a selfie point where your child and his friends can click crazy pictures. Let the kids accessorise a bit. 

You can give them cool hats and some funny sunglasses before taking selfies. If organising a vintage themed party for your daughter’s birthday, you can create polka dots backdrop. You can paint white dots of any size randomly. 

You can also use coloured papers and cut out circles of various colours and sizes and paste them on the kraft paper sheet. 

Saturday, 5 May 2018

What to do with Empty Cardboard Boxes?

When moving house, you require a lot of cardboard removal boxes. And after you unpacked your stuff in your new house, you are left with a whole bunch of cardboard boxes lying waste. Even when you order goods online, you get them in cardboard boxes. 

Again a waste as you might think. But before throwing them away, think of reusing them. 

DIY Craft Ideas

Using empty cardboard boxes, you can make various craft items as per your imagination. You can make your kids make their school projects using the waste cardboard boxes, instead of buying cardboard sheets from the market. 

Cardboard projects may include cardboard statues, toys and even furniture!


Empty cardboard boxes can be used as wardrobe storage boxes. Your child’s toys can be stored in a box; this would keep his room clean. You can also keep your documents safe in a cardboard box. In your attic, you can keep your old clothes in a box. 

Sturdy cardboard boxes can be turned into makeshift shelves. You can also make partitions using the cardboard sheets of waste boxes.

Use for Shipping

You can use a waste box you are left with when you receive a parcel to ship some gifts to your friends and relatives. Reuse an old box, instead of buying a new one. Also, if there is something that you are mailing that needs padding, use cardboard padding only. 

This way you will keep the item safe while shipping. This will not just save your money but it will be small environmental friendly step too. 

Kids Play Stuff

You can reuse cardboard boxes by making a rocket or a play house for your child. It will provide great play stuff for your child and his friends. 

Even in a fancy dress competition, you can make your child gift, using a waste cardboard box!

Save Your Floor

You can save your wooden floor from getting scratches while moving your furniture. Use cardboard sheets below your furniture and then easily slide them around. Not just that your wooden floor would be saved but also you will be able slide so effortlessly that you wouldn’t get back pain.

Donate Old Stuff in Box 

You can also use old cardboard box for keeping waste stuff, toys or clothes. It’s easy to keep such stuff together and then donate them to an orphanage. 

Cardboard box makes it easy to transport to the orphanage. 

Packing for Moving 

If you are planning to move any time soon, then old cardboard removal boxes will come in handy and you wouldn’t have to buy new ones. You can start collecting them now and by the time you will move, you are ready with more boxes. 

In case, you have not kept old cardboard removal boxes, you can easily order them now online from Packaging Express. You can totally bank on them for quality and sturdy boxes. Other packaging material too is available on their website.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Types of Kraft Paper and Their Business Uses

When someone says ‘kraft paper’, we end up remembering those school days when we used to make a lot of things using the kraft paper. Today there are so many different types of kraft paper available in the market that have more uses in the packing and business sector. Kraft paper roll available in the market these days is more than just a paper to be used in school projects. 

Various businesses can use different types of kraft paper to pack their products aesthetically or to improve their branding efforts. We have compiled all types of kraft papers and how they can be used for your business needs.

Printed Kraft Paper

Printed kraft paper is used in many industries due to their quality and versatility. Custom printed kraft paper is used for branding. It is used for packaging, wrapping and even for in store displays. 

Restaurants use printed kraft paper with their logos and contact information printed to wrap sandwiches or other food orders. It’s a cheap form of advertising also.

Shoe brands use printed kraft paper with their logo and shoe care details printed on it to wrap the shoe before putting it inside the shoebox. Clothing manufacturers also use krafts paper to put between the outfits ordered with the logo and the ‘how to care’ details of the garments. 

This is sheer advertising as well as the garment is saved from being wrinkled during the shipping.

Virgin Natural Kraft Paper  

Durability is what makes the virgin natural kraft paper to be in demand in various industries. It’s the heavy lifter of the paper industry. Since it is tear resistant, it can be easily used for heavy-duty applications. 

Clean fibre and low cost makes it the most sought after paper for packaging, wrapping and more. It is also used for branding as it easy to print on it. For all your kraft paper requirements get in touch with Packaging Express.

Natural Recycled Kraft Paper

Industries prefer environmentally friendly options of packaging and natural recycled kraft paper is just that. It’s a little less strong than virgin natural kraft paper. It is used with dunnage and void filling purposes.  

Tray liners or for boxes, it is the best option. It is also used as the bottom wrap for newspapers. Both virgin and recycled kraft papers are available online in standard weights.

Coloured Kraft Paper

This one is for sure mostly used in school craft projects. They are also used to put as a backdrop in bulletin boards, scrapbooks and for other school supplies. Coloured kraft paper is available in all colours under the sun. 

Apart from schools, it should be on the shopping list of parents.

Black Kraft Paper

This one is also mostly required for school projects. It can be used as a backing of picture frames because of its durability. They are also used for borders and making crafts where you need light barrier due to its dark colour.

White or Bleached Kraft Paper

White or bleached kraft paper is ideal for packaging and other applications where strength and durability is required. Like virgin natural kraft paper, it is also resistant to wear and tear. 

Due to its clean and crisp appearance it is often used as the economic replacement of the tablecloths in restaurants.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

How to Pack Unusual Size Products

Packing odd-shaped stuff, be it a decorating piece or some vehicle part, for shipping is a big challenge. We have compiled the best ways to pack your irregular shaped oversized item, here you go.

Wrap Your Item

First step to seal your odd-shaped item is that you wrap it in a bubble wrap or packing paper. This will ensure that during shipping, it’s saved from being damaged or scratched. You can use kraft paper roll for packing purpose. 

In case you are not planning to use a box to pack, then you must use ample packing material while wrapping and use tape to secure it. In this case, you will have to use shipping label inside as well as outside. You must mention your contact number so that in case of any issue, they can get in touch with you.

Box Your Item

If you put your wrapped item inside a box, it will add protection. You need to look for a perfect cardboard box for this purpose. Various cardboard removable boxes are available online at Packaging Express. You can order a box online easily. 

Once you have the box, use foam rolls and edge guards to pad the bottom of the shipping box. After this, place your wrapped item inside the box.  Fill the box using bubble wrap and foam, especially all around your item. 

Put in a layer of packing material on top before sealing. If your oversized item does not fit in the regular sized box, fix two boxes together using tape to create one big box. In case your item is heavy, use double walled cardboard boxes.

Insure Your Item

It’s always better to insure your item. Take pictures of your item before wrapping to document its condition. Record your packing process to prove you effectively protected the item. To decide on which delivery company to use, do your homework to find out who has the best track record of handling odd-shaped packages. 

So, now you can easily ship your odd-shaped item or gift to the concerned person. Packaging Express ensures that you find every kind of packing supplies under one roof. Now you can plan to send gifts to your loved ones as we are there to ensure that you get all types of packaging material to safely pack your gift items. 

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Packaging Trends to Watch Out For

With the advancement in technology, the packaging industry too is seeing changes. Consumers are now more aware and they understand the worth of sustainable packaging. Here we have rounded up a few packaging trends to watch out for.

Lightweight and Recyclable Packaging

Lightweight and sustainable packaging helps in reducing the cost and carbon footprint. Flexible packaging market is booming world over as it can be easily recyclable. All kinds of packaging goods can be well protected in lightweight packaging. 

The lighter the weight of the package, the lighter will be the load, thus reducing the cost of shipping products to the final destination. Now that the priority is sustainability, there is growing demand of lightweight removal boxes and closing machines that support flexible packaging materials.

Creative Package Design

An innovative package design puts a good impression about the brand on consumers. With the increasing requirement for customization due to the increase in the online sales of consumer goods, the need for creative packaging is increasing as well. Using customized shapes for packaging to complement the product inside leaves a lasting impression on consumers. Another way to get creative is to create a packaging that can be reutilised. 

Customers would lap the idea of a package that can be utilized differently once its contents are finished. Try to understand your target consumer profiles and find a way to increase your product’s demand using a creative approach.

Clear Labelling and Packaging To Increase Shelf Life

Consumers like packaging with clear labels that make it easy to understand the ingredients. Nowadays people prefer organic food, so packaging materials, which can replace the preserving ingredients that are mostly used to increase the shelf life, are in demand. 

Food manufacturers should clearly mention the ingredients so that customer could easily recognise the ingredients. A technology using High Pressure Processing (HPP) can be used to extend shelf life for fresher and healthier foods.

For all your packaging supplies in UK, Packaging Express, leading packaging material suppliers, is a one-stop destination.

Follow Food Labelling Regulations

When it comes to labelling, FDA nutritional labelling regulations for foods need to be followed. Everything from nutritional content for the ingredients in the food product, the serving size, expiry date and the placement requirements for your package must be clearly mentioned. 

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Tips for a Smooth House Move

Moving house can be arduous, laborious and stressful. But if planned well in time and done properly, it would not look difficult. 

Here we have compiled some time-tested moving house tips, read on:

Time to Declutter

Once your moving date is fixed, start to declutter your stuff. Try to discard all the useless stuff in your house. Something you have been hoarding for long but have not used for past two years, must go. Be brutal.

Get Started

As you declutter, it’s also the time to start packing. Once your moving date is finalized, get started. Start with the items you don’t regularly use. You can start with the guest room or the store room.

Use Quality Moving Boxes

To pack your stuff, you’ll need good quality moving boxes. Packaging Express is the perfect place to find robust boxes for moving house. You can also order other packing materials from them including packing tape, bubble wrap, zip tie bags, labels and marker pens.

Don't Overload Boxes

Remember to never overload the boxes. It is not a good idea to keep putting in items in a box till it’s all full. It will make picking it up difficult and it can even damage the box. Better to fill the box till it’shalf full and then top it off with pillows or soft toys. 

Label The Boxes

To keep it hassle free when unpacking, it’s better to label each box with what’s inside it and which room it belong to. You can use coloured stickers or labels for each room. Everything must be written clearly, and you should create an inventory so that you don’t have any confusion in the new house. 

Take Pictures

You can take pictures of any electronic set ups like the wires at the back of your television. This will help you in your new pad if you are not good at technology. You can also take photos of cupboard setups, ornament placement or any wall displays.

Make A Survival Box

You must make a survival box which will be having all the essential things that you would require immediately once you reach your new house. This can include a box cutter, toilet paper, paper towels, mobile chargers, cutlery, the kettle and some mugs as well as tea, coffee, milk, sugar and whatever you think you would need urgently. 

Check Cupboards And Drawers 

Once you are about to wrap up, just check cupboards and drawers, you have not forgotten anything. Keep cupboard and cabinet doors open in the days up to and on moving day so that you will be able to see that you have packed everything. You can do the same with the kitchen drawers.

Update Your Address

If you don’t want your mails or parcels to come to your old address, it’s better to get your address changed in your bank, online shopping websites and other companies. You must do this two weeks before you move.