Monday, 21 December 2020

Types of Cost-Effective Packaging

Shipping products and sending them from one place to another is an expensive affair. And business people always look for pocket-friendly yet durable solutions. This is a well known fact that everything cannot be adjusted according to our financial requirements. But there are certain things through which the overall cost can be cut down. Packaging materials is one of them.

Carefully selecting packaging type used for packing products can make a big difference in the overall cost of transportation of products.

Wholesale Packaging Materials

Here we have gathered some cost-effective packaging material that can help in reducing overall shipping cost. So without further ado, let us get started.

  • Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes are sturdy and one of the most cost-effective solutions in the packaging industry. They can be used for both shipping and storage of products. These corrugated boxes come in an array of types depending upon their strength and longevity. The corrugated box is cheap as it is mainly constructed using recycled paper and can be reused and recycled again. They are also light in weight and therefore do not contribute to the shipping weight and reduces overall cost. 

  • Paper Bags

Another cost-effective and eco-friendly packaging material is a paper bag. They offer high quality and versatile packaging solution within a budget. These kraft paper bags are used for several purposes such as gift-wrapping alternative, carrier bags for gifts and clothes, for catering food etc. It is a lightweight material that can easily be converted into different shapes and sizes and hence is ideal for personalized packaging. Paper bags are best for those who look for environment-friendly packaging solution with high-end service and pocket-friendly solutions.

  • Postal Bags

Postal bags also known as mail bags, are used for carrying and collecting different types of postal materials. They are economic, lightweight, plain and coloured mailer made up of either thin plastic or paper. It is an eco-friendly option that is easy to use, reusable and look professional.

  • Polythene Bags

Polybags also known as plastic bags, is manufactured using thin plastic film. It is a common and popular choice for product packaging. They can be used for carrying a wide range of products such as food items, clothes, magazines, waste, flowers, etc. The polybags are simple in structure therefore, they can be fully customised in style, size and design but is still a cost-effective option. They can handle products with care due to its locking feature and are visually appealing to customers as well.

  • Rigid Boxes

These boxes are constructed using condensed paper boards which is much thicker than the standard paper board. They are generally used in electronic stores as the most durable and best appearance packaging option for products. They can easily be cut into different shapes. Also, features such as window, compartment and other moulds and carvings can be created easily. They are non-collapsible in nature.

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Monday, 26 October 2020

What Makes Kraft Paper So Popular?

Sustainability is a new trend. Nowadays, responsible and conscious shopping is on the rise due to which it has become imperative for many brands. Plant-based life increases environmental benefits and reduces energy consumption. Sustainability is also very important for our ecological balance. The climatic changes in the recent few years have raised a big question on the global systems working presently. Hence, the adoption of sustainable goals is the need of the hour.

Sustainable Packaging

To improve the ecosystem, the concept of sustainability has been implemented in the packaging industry, which will help in reducing the environmental impact. The goal is to improve the quality of life of humans and the long existence of the ecosystem. It is important that sustainable packaging supplies should meet the functional and economic needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their requirements.

The concept of sustainable packaging has been introduced in the packaging industry because it is  the largest growing industry. Hence, it cannot be taken for granted just for the sake of the green movement. It requires thorough analysis and documentation in terms of design, material, processing and life cycle.

Kraft Paper Roll

Kraft paper and its Uses

Kraft paper is produced from all-natural ingredients such as wood pulp.  They are known for their thickness and strength as no bleaching is involved in the process of making. Kraft paper is coarse and has high tear resistance, as these contain high fibres. They are 100% sustainable due to which the use of Kraft paper in packaging has become more popular.

They are used for making paper bags, multi-wall sacks, envelopes, cardboard etc.

They are also used in industries such as chemical and cement industry as paper sacks.

Advantages of Using Kraft Paper Over Other Materials

  • Cost

The cost of packaging adds to the overall cost of the product. Kraft paper packaging is less expensive as it weighs less. This reduces the cost of shipping which affects the overall cost.

  • Strength

Kraft paper is strong and durable. It can withstand modern and high tech machinery printing. Hence, it ensures that the Kraft paper has endless designing options. It also holds to shipping and shelf life very well.

  • Environmental Impact

Like Kraft paper, plastics can also be easily recycled, but Kraft paper has added advantage as it quickly decomposes when thrown away. Hence, even when it is not recycled and thrown to landfill, it does not harm the environment.

Other applications:

  • It is used as electrical insulation in large transformers. 
  • It is also used as a paper base for sandpaper. 
  • It can be used for wrapping flower bouquets. 
  • For lining particle boards Kraft paper are the most inexpensive material.

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Friday, 7 August 2020

Creative Ways to Use Kraft Paper

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Are you lucky enough to have a stash of brown paper at your place? If yes, you are armed with choices beyond recycling them. Yes, you heard it right! They are useful for myriad creative craft projects and household solutions. With the ever-increasing fondness for the environment and awareness about environmental issues among the people, they are moving toward eco-conscious businesses and products. People are eagerly turning their loyalties toward businesses that embrace environmentally friendly practices. 

Kraft Paper Roll

Kraft paper adds a natural, earthy, and rustic vibe, which makes it an ideal fit for decorating, creative projects, and packaging solutions.

Guys, to help you know how versatile Kraft paper can be, I have put together a few of my favourite creative ways to use Kraft paper.

So, let the Kraft paper magic begin! Have a look at these ideas, I am pretty sure you will want to have more paper to repurpose.

Amazing Gift Wrapper

Kraft paper makes an amazing gift wrapper and yes, you could use them to wrap all your gifts. It looks the same as store-bought paper. You can customize them with embellishments such as glitter, ribbons, paints, and stamps, etc. Let your loved ones know that you took time out of your busy schedule to make them feel special.

Outdoor decorative

What better way to spruce up your outdoor affair with Kraft paper flowers. Trust me, they add a rustic flair and look pretty adorable.

Mini Scrapbooks

Are you fond of recording memories? Why not turn Kraft paper into a mini scrapbook and save your money. Scrapbook supplies are costly. Would you instead prefer to pool that money into buying Kraft paper roll that is versatile?


You can cut and fold this Kraft paper roll and turn them into sturdy envelopes. They are so much enticing and attractive then lifeless white paper, specifically for personal correspondence, and they are sturdy as well. You can even create a weekly spread.

Writing a message on Kraft paper is also a great way to declare an announcement.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and it has certainly left you inspired.

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Monday, 6 July 2020

Find Free Boxes for Moving House?

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Moving to a new place is overwhelming and comes with oodles of expenses and stress. When packing for moving, cardboard boxes are the must-haves. You need to figure out where you can get cardboard boxes for free. The process of moving is an expensive endeavour so what you can do best is to use every chance to save and lower your packing cost. There are myriad places where you can get or ask for cardboard boxes for free as you all know you will need cardboard boxes in bulk.

So, without any further ado let’s get started. 

Here are a few handy ideas. 

Grocery Stores
Moving boxes are costly and only end up exceeding or taking a toll on your budget. To save yourself from such a bug. One such destination you can count on to obtain moving boxes for free is the grocery store. The first and foremost attempt you will make is to ask nearby stores because they receive the shipment daily. You could get the best boxes for moving house at your favourite grocery store.

Ask Local businesses
Yes, you can give it a try. This might help you obtain a few moving boxes for free.
Check out
  • Supermarkets
  • Liquor stores
  • Furniture stores
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Coffee houses
Ask Your Neighbours
Yes, it is a great idea and saves time. You can ask around if your neighbours, friends or acquaintances have free boxes laying around and of no use to them.

Liquor Store
These boxes are used for liquor shipment. Chances are more that you find free removal boxes there. You need to take permission before you take boxes. Most stores won’t mind if you get them for free. These boxes are durable, perfect, and sturdy and known for their capacity to store heavy liquor bottles. Ask the store owner or manager to set aside some boxes for you. It totally up to the store manager discretion whether they agree or not.

Book store
How do books shipment arrive? In durable and sturdy cardboard boxes. A bookstore is a great place to look for sturdy cardboard boxes. These bookstores have frequent shipments and can easily provide you with boxes.

I bet you’ll be amazed by the above amazing tricks.

Save bucks on boxes get them for free.

Hope it has been a great read. Until we come up with another post have a great time.

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Monday, 8 June 2020

What Is Kraft Paper and Why It Is So Popular?

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Kraft paper bags are a well-known packaging material.

Yes, product packing should be in such a way that is more acceptable to people. There are myriad applications of kraft paper from wrapping items at the grocery store to a butcher shop. These are used for home crafts as well. Pondering what are the reasons why kraft paper are so much in demand among dealers, consumers and everyone?

One such reason behind its immense popularity is, it is less toxic and non-polluting.

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kraft paper roll
Given the current environment scenario, people are more concerned about environmental issues and are increasingly turning their attention to sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.

Being a business, it is but natural to be overwhelmed with the myriad packaging varieties.

Kraft paper has become the go-to choice among dealers. Do you know, even stellar and prominent brands such as Mcdonald’s, Nike, Adidas, Huawei have begun to use top-notch quality kraft paper bags to replace plastic shopping bags. These sturdy kraft paper bags have come across as a universal packaging material. With passing time, they are becoming more and more popular and loved by consumers.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started. 

Why Kraft paper is better?

You perhaps are wondering why these papers are way better than any other. The reason being it doesn't involve excess bleaching and are cost-effective.

Well, there are myriad reasons as to why the popularity of kraft paper continues to multiply.

The businesses are overwhelmed with the product choices available out there. Be it the fashion world or food industry everyone is fond of the kraft paper bags that are widely popular among the masses.

  • This Kraft paper gives such a warm nostalgic feeling. It is one of the most used packaging materials since ancient times.
  • It has a natural light brown colour. It does not involve excessive bleaching.
  • It keeps the shipping costs to the minimum.
  • Kraft paper looks simple and universally appealing.
  • It is eco-friendly and way better than standard packaging.
  • It is a go-to choice among the customers, the reason being it does not involve the chemical conversion of wood, unlike others.
  • It has better opacity, stability, and great toughness and elasticity.
Do you know, these kraft papers are sometimes used in home crafts as well?

Packaging Express is your go-to store that stocks the best Kraft paper roll.

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Thursday, 14 May 2020

Essentials for Successful Product Packaging Design

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Good Packaging protects your product and great packaging protects your brand.

Well stated! 

We all know how important product packaging these days is. Businesses are striving their level best to get better and improvise their existing packaging design. It’s the need of the hour than ever to make sure your packaging stands out on the shelf. Among the pool of competitors out there in the market, the back-breaking challenge for businesses is enticing their coveted customers towards their products. With enticing graphics, digital prints, and designs to easy-to-open boxes, you can get creative as well as innovative with the packaging.
Packaging Suppliers

Yes, to achieve successful product packaging there are a few considerations that being a business you must thoroughly consider.

What are these considerations? Are you all inquisitive to learn?

Stay tuned with us till the end to know how to make your packaging design effective.

So, without any further ado, let us begin.

We are happy to help our readers about packaging design essentials.

Take a Read-  

Here are a few smart ideas your business can consider:

  • Functional
Folks examine carefully is the design an apt representation of your brand. When the product design is not up to the mark and complicated to understand it may have serious repercussions on the business. Anything complicated is certain to upset your customers and refrain them from buying. Also, being a business, nobody wants bad publicity and loss of goodwill.

At its most fundamental, smart packaging design must ensure that the product is safe and nicely packaged.
Ascertain an attractive way to interact with your customers and tell them why your product is the best choice for their needs.
  • Enticing and Great Shelf Impact

There are myriad products displayed on the shelves. You should, therefore, work upon the qualities that you have been eyeing to give to your valuable customers.
  • Practical

Keep in mind the layout or design of your content goes beyond the actual product. So, be specific about your packaging. You have to be practical with the design you opt for your brand. Modern-day consumers are well aware; they would probably buy something easy to use.

If you have been eyeing great packaging supplies for your business at a trade price then Packaging Express is your go-to store. From cardboard boxes, jiffy roll, paper bags to bubble wrap roll they have it all.

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Wednesday, 15 April 2020

How to Pack Fragile Items for Shipping

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It is aptly stated, “Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent." The same goes with shipping material packaging. Sending expensive gifts across can be gruesome. You have to be specific about your parcel shipment. Delicate and expensive items like glass can easily be damaged during the shipment process if you pay no heed to it. The good carriers or movers are not very specific with goods handling and not known for handling delicate items discreetly.

When you ship across expensive items such as glass showpieces, artefacts or any gift you must opt for sturdy shipping material to save the items from being damaged.

If you have been eyeing reliable Packaging Supplies UK then Packaging Express is your go-to destination. 

What shipping materials you would require?

Read on to find out what shipping materials you would require along with a few tips.
  • Bubble wrap
Opt for shipping material that will keep your fragile items safe from wear and tear, bumps and any sort of impairment and loss. It is highly recommended to use the bubble wrap roll to give your fragile items needed cushioning.
  • Tapes
Tape well your boxes and label it as fragile items. Remember to handle these cartons discreetly and carefully. 

How to Pack Fragile Items for Shipping?

Use the right sort of packaging box. It should be sturdy, durable and withstand moisture.
  • Appropriate cushioning methods.
  • Wrap the items in an intact and efficient manner.
  • Make the use of tape efficiently.
Bottom Line
You need to work hard to pick the ideal delivery material for your shipment. Being a business you must give serious thought to product safety to ensure they travel safely and in an intact manner. Fret not! You don’t have to do pretty much for this. You could also opt for multiple layer packaging if you have a great budget. Make your customers' experience extra delightful by choosing the right material. By practising the right sort of packaging technique and using the right packaging material you can make sure to avoid packaging mistakes.

I hope it has been a useful read.