Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Deep Clean January

It is mid-December and we are fast approaching the festive holiday that is renowned for boxes and packaging materials. Yes you guessed it, it’s almost Christmas.

All the new presents, big or small, bring boxes, cause clutter and of course take up lots of valuable storage space. We have a solution for you, our valued customers.


With our wardrobe boxes you can store clothes, shoes, and even fond keepsakes for their safety, deep in the depths of the loft or garage. If you are storing some fragile items be sure to look into our protection range for the peace of mind, that when moving your items or if you are stacking boxes there is no breakages and they remain intact.

As December is filled with lots or parcels, presents and packages, it is always a good idea to have a good clear out and De-clutter spree in January.

If you have overspent on the glamorous dresses and garments and filled your wardrobe to the brim, clear-out the summer clothes and use our handy wardrobe boxes to keep them in order and protected. After all we will not be needing the shorts and vests in a hurry.

Maybe you over did it on the kids presents this year so have no space. If the old toys are too good to throw away but you wish to hold onto them for a little longer, for a younger child maybe, why not box them and transfer them into storage. That way your children have the play area they need for new and old toys.

It might just be all your newly purchased Christmas decorations and trimmings, such as tinsel, garlands or possibly the tree. Many of us keep hold of these things to re-use the following year. Our removal boxes come in handy when it comes to storing large items, making it easier for you to keep everything together and organised.

Get purchasing your storage boxes ready for your deep clean January.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

High Quality Packaging Materials – Critical For Success of Packaging and Transportation Business

One of the most important aspects of ensuring success in any business is to use good quality packaging material. This not only helps in keeping the packaged goods free from being tampered with but also ensures that they are transported in a safe manner between destinations. Understanding the growing packaging needs of various businesses reputed  packaging companies offers a wide range of packaging materials for diverse uses. Catering to the needs of wholesalers, retailers and various business industries, the online portals offers state of the art packaging materials including packaging and wardrobe boxes, at reasonable rates. 

Changes in packaging material
In the recent times there have been significant changes in the packaging materials available in the market. These innovative products are specially engineered by packaging suppliers to be a lot stronger and flexible as compared to the traditional methods of packaging. You can choose from a wide variety of packing products for different uses and purposes. In fact, the modern day packing materials are designed to cater almost every packing need of customers ranging from the use of plastic carrier bags to moving house boxes.

Choosing the best company for packaging supplies in UK
Given the large number of packing materials suppliers, it often becomes difficult to choose the best one. However, some of the packaging companies, has created a name for providing truly high quality and durable packaging supplies in UK to suit the diverse needs of clients. If you are looking for the top quality packaging options for your products then this firm will act as a one stop solution for you.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

How to Choose the Best Packaging Supplier!

When purchasing packaging, you have to act watchful on your suppliers – specially, when you look for "Green packaging". What is their approach and orientation towards it, and in fact, do they even have one? Because of the reusing forces that are continuously set upon organizations nowadays, you truly may as well pick one that has a great reusing strategy and that earnestly takes a gander at its store network – from a "Green" point of view!

If you need to avail best packaging costs from your supplier then you have to contemplate moving far, from an offline stationery/ packaging supplier to an online supplier.

There are numerous great reasons to do this:
  • If your offline packaging supplier does not have the packaging in stock that you have to purchase then you can frequently find it elusive out when it is back in stock
  • They are prone to convey far higher stock levels, and prove far more averse to use up stock.
  • They will be far shabbier as they would not convey the same sort of overheads in correlation to an offline/physical store.
Packaging Supplies UK

They will additionally be shabbier as they will be dispatching you merchandise from a warehouse that has no need for evaluating names on products or racks, nor any need to have any purpose of deal publications or advancements and so on. All of which spare you cash.

Also provided that they are out of stock, assuming that you have requested online then they will quickly put your merchandise on rain check and let you know when they will be back in stock and consequently dispatched.

Regarding picking an internet packaging retailer then you may as well search for one that has a requesting framework that is natural, and consequently quick to use – as the quicker you can request the more of an opportunity, and henceforth safeguard your cost. In reality in the event that you request the same packaging materials month-in month-out, then search for a stationery ‘e-tailer’ that gives you the choice to spare your "Favorites" in your shopping truck.

Ask for references from your different clients regarding a packaging supplier, who have a diverse array of products to offer according compliant solution to your demand.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Manufacturers of UK are Lucky! Exclusive online store for packaging supplies are there for them

Be it any industry of this world, we cannot ignore the fact that packaging plays a key role in marketing and distribution of products manufactured. If packaging is not done in a proper way not only the first impression of the product will get affected in the eyes of customer , but also the quality of the item may get damaged making it non usable for end user.

In Most of the cases depending on the product type you will get to see manufacturers are using Cheap Card board Boxes, bubble wrap rolls, grip seal bags and many more are there on the list.

There is absolute need of a company which can make Packaging supplies of required dimension to manufacturers. UK Packaging Supplies is one such name on which you can blindly trust for all you Packaging requirements.  The online presence of these Packaging supplier stores made it easy for the UK manufacturers  placing order for packaging items like  Bubble wrap, Wardrobe boxes, Foam Rolls, Air Bags and what not is there with this firm.

UK manufacturers just need to make a call for the requisite product and the same gets delivered at the very next day. This rule applies for all orders over £100+VAT. Life is so easy and simple for the UK manufacturers as some of these companies acts as leading mainstream distributors for all packaging products in every corner of United Kingdom. To place your order all you need to do is to click on this link: http://www.packagingexpress.co.uk/ and enjoy online purchasing of packaging supplies for your business.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Packaging your delicate items!

These days shipping carriers are only busy making big money. Most of the services are not good enough to be trusted upon for a safe handling of your delicate items.

You never know when that wooden chess board from Paris breaks into pieces after been mishandled, tossed or thrown carelessly while being moved to a new place by one of those carriers. Quite possibly, with these services you can end up breaking your special antiques, precious porcelain and delicate collectibles.

It’s important to take care of it beforehand and make best use of something protective and reliable like quality packaging supplies.

With packaging services you can move all your good with peace of mind. Any sort of article or good you have can be sent to any distance and through any mode of transport with the right packaging supplies.

Cardboard Boxes UK, bubble wrap rolls, grip seal bags, edge guards, foam rolls, air bags, polystyrene foam sheets are really helpful in safeguarding your delicate glass and electronic items that need special care. You can always have a good outside protection with these well thought-out packaging materials for your goods.

Also, a good internal wrapping is as important as a tough support outside. Newspapers and crumpled up paper is not a good choice to be wrapped over an item. It can be sloppy and smear onto an item. Also it can’t provide the right kind of padding or fill – so there has to be something that is produced more intelligently like packing peanuts along with sturdy cardboard fills.

Your packaging needs are addressed the best by packing suppliers like www.packagingexpress.co.uk – that are smart enough to analyze your personalized needs and provide you with the right safety measures for your goods and your heart!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Double Wall Boxes

A large array of sizes of double wall boxes available from stock. These cartons are all held in stock, and available for next day distribution. Perfect for heavy items, for use within the removal industry, warehousing and sending items via courier services.
We can also have cartons made to size for your business, and handle bespoke printing with your logo on cartons. Other styles of cartons available with 'made to design' features are:

Five Panel Cartons

Tuck In Top & Bottom

Tuck In Top
Folding Box With Locking Mechanism

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Single Wall Boxes

A large array of sizes of single wall boxes available from stock. These cartons are all held in stock, and available for next day distribution. Perfect for light use, shipping, warehouse use etc.

We also have cartons made to size for your business, and handle bespoke printing with your logo on cartons. Other styles of cartons available with 'made to design' features are:

  •                  Five Panel Cartons
  •                  Tuck In Top & Bottom
  •                  Tuck In Top
  •                  Folding Box With Locking Mechanism

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