Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Deep Clean January

It is mid-December and we are fast approaching the festive holiday that is renowned for boxes and packaging materials. Yes you guessed it, it’s almost Christmas.

All the new presents, big or small, bring boxes, cause clutter and of course take up lots of valuable storage space. We have a solution for you, our valued customers.


With our wardrobe boxes you can store clothes, shoes, and even fond keepsakes for their safety, deep in the depths of the loft or garage. If you are storing some fragile items be sure to look into our protection range for the peace of mind, that when moving your items or if you are stacking boxes there is no breakages and they remain intact.

As December is filled with lots or parcels, presents and packages, it is always a good idea to have a good clear out and De-clutter spree in January.

If you have overspent on the glamorous dresses and garments and filled your wardrobe to the brim, clear-out the summer clothes and use our handy wardrobe boxes to keep them in order and protected. After all we will not be needing the shorts and vests in a hurry.

Maybe you over did it on the kids presents this year so have no space. If the old toys are too good to throw away but you wish to hold onto them for a little longer, for a younger child maybe, why not box them and transfer them into storage. That way your children have the play area they need for new and old toys.

It might just be all your newly purchased Christmas decorations and trimmings, such as tinsel, garlands or possibly the tree. Many of us keep hold of these things to re-use the following year. Our removal boxes come in handy when it comes to storing large items, making it easier for you to keep everything together and organised.

Get purchasing your storage boxes ready for your deep clean January.

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