Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Power of Corrugation

When purchasing your packaging needs from a supplier you want top quality items which aren't going to fall apart when they are containing your goods.
You will notice packaging suppliers will have a few options of cardboard boxes for you to choose from. When selecting your desired storage boxes or moving house boxes you will need to determine how much durability you are going to need from your supplies.

Single walled card board boxes are quite sturdy and are available in an array of shapes and sizes from most online suppliers. They are perfect for shipping light items, or for light duty warehouse use. You do of course need to be weary when stacking these packaging supplies, especially as they haven’t got the strength of the more heavy duty boxes, so may cave in when a heavy item is stacked on top.
To avoid any possible damages when stacking, it is a good choice to opt for the double wall boxes. These boxes are more ideal for heavy duty tasks such as overseas shipping or via courier services, warehouse uses and are used in the removal industry.

The walls of the cardboard boxes are made from corrugated material, which gives the box extra strength in the overall structural design. Although the cardboard box is only significant to store an item/product, and to ship items, it does also provide a small measure of protection too, but in most instances it is better to be safe than sorry with the more fragile items, and use extra protection materials.


Corrugated double wall boxes are popular for their lightness, strength, cost-effectiveness and marketing ability. The boxes are recyclable making them friendly to the environment, but more importantly their durability means they do not have to be replaced as much and so fewer boxes need to be created or indeed purchased.

Whether you are selecting the double or single wall boxes, dependent on your items durability needs, we provide the option to have them made bespoke. They can be made to any specific size which you may require and can even have your business logo/s printed on the box, which can help you and your customers identify and locate your items when sending out shipments etc.

Head over to Packaging Express website today and invest in our corrugated boxes, for you business needs.

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