Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Why Packaging Plays An Important Role

Packaging plays a very important role in the marketing mix, right from promotion campaigns to pricing criterion and defining the brand. Packaging has been found to have a multisensory appeal, confirming evidences and presenting positive arguments in favor of the product. While the primary role of packaging is to preventing the product from getting damaged in any ways, it also acts as a tool of attraction, promotion, facilitate the purchase decision and helping in product/brand differentiation.

Different kinds of packaging
The type of packaging varies with the type of product. Broadly, they can be divided into two main categories: transport packaging and consumer packaging. Transport packaging is more connected to proper handling, transport and storage of the product. On the other hand consumer packaging is a tool for end user handling. This will involve holding the required volume of the product for the ultimate use of a single customer.

Sometimes, it is also a combination of both transport and consumer packaging, in case you have ordered a camera available in another country, it will be packed for safety during transportation (involving bubble wraps, strong wooden crates, etc) over the normal package that was meant to be sold in the local market. Food products on the other hand need to be packed such that they don’t get damaged from environmental elements. Glass and other fragile products needs a more safe packaging involving bubble wraps, tissue, blister packs, etc.

A package that will be remembered
Face value always has a crucial importance, be it people or products. Packaging makes the first impression upon the customer and if the manufacturer has been able to label it uniquely, the product might even be remembered for the package rather than its actual use. This is also the reason that many customers opt for a specific courier company that has the reputation of a safe and impressive packaging. For products like Cartier, there is enough reason that the user will even store away the deep red wrap carefully. That’s the impression it can make.

Products known for their packaging
Klein Constantia: The small white box comes with a gold crest and a single bee making its way into the box! The box also reveals some diecut bees inside and these are worth saving in the drawer.
Smirnoff Caipiroska: This bottle gives consumers the incredible experience of peeling off a fruit. The incredible diagonal perforation is certainly a reason that this product had gone popular.
Same has been the experience opening NYC Spaghetti, Butter! Better!, Blush Matches, Guggle Bum, Gloji Juice, Heresod T-Shirts and Ford Ranger Extreme Matchbox.

With retail marketing getting more competitive and varied, packaging has the potential to add distinctive value to a brand. Consider the aqua blue package of Tiffany and Co. or the flashy orange in Hermis products, and you will be able to better understand the real consequences of an elaborate packaging. Unlike advertising, packaging passes on the information in a more subtle way. Ordinary products can be turned irresistible with a unique packaging. As such, product packaging impacts the buyer’s decision emotionally, culturally and even ethically. It can make an otherwise boring/common product into something totally different and unique. A substantial part of the demographics buy products influenced by how they look from outside. For others, packaging is as important.

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