Friday, 28 November 2014

Catch The Eyeballs With Attractive Packing

Someone has rightly coined out that marketing is not about battle of two similar products but it is a battle of consumer perceptions. Product packaging is definitely the best and last chance for the marketer to make an impression and more importantly a sale. Statistics suggest that 50% of the purchases depend upon emotions, more so when a client is confused between two similar products. Companies that have mastered the art of aesthetics are also at the top of competition and this will include brand names like Apple, Nike, Cassina, Nokia, etc. in many cases, design and product packaging is what defines a brand and gives them the competitive edge.

Thinking as a consumer/customer, what really happens when we enter a store and are confronted by several brands of same product in the aisle? It is human to associate, remember and compare when it comes to making a choice. The human brain classifies everything, not just with the quality (which is fairly same with most top brands) but also the presentation. In the marketing jargon, “Top of Mind” is an extremely crucial point of sale. The customer can make several such associations – association with the advertisement that seemed unique or an association of the product quality with the elegance or packaging. Even shopping bags with the name of the store on it has an effect on the buying compared to bringing home a plain white plastic carry bag.

Research has proved that products that influence all our senses have a strong impact on our buying behavior. Package design, thus is an essential part of the marketing strategy, making the product unique, special and powerful. As such packaging acts as:

  • The physical representation of the brand’s personality
  • Helps draw attention is a crowded space
  • Influences perceived value and positions the product in higher category
  • Differentiates a brand from competitors
  • Brand identity as in color and graphics
  • Reflects creativity, modernism and other special qualities
  • Protection for the product
  • Presents a story

With some product packaging, customers have been presented a whole new dimension. Brands like Apple have used product design and product packaging as a cornerstone in the industry. While design in the modern world is synonymous to style, packaging can be said to be a personal stamp of the brand rather than just a label. It certainly has been able to provide an added value that customers automatically cherish and remember the next time they are in the buying queue.

Take for example the YKM Shopping Bag. The strings of the bag represent a fitness regimen in action and after you have a look at it; it will definitely stick to your sub-conscious for a long time. More unique examples will be the spaghetti brand called NYC and the highly functional packaging of the Thrift toothpaste tube.

Considering the importance of packaging, it is not surprising that brands are investing heavily on motivational research, psychological manipulation, color testing and similar functions to test the customer’s perception/reacting to the changed design. Packaging further presents great opportunities for information transmission and convenience. In some cases, packaging has been the sole reason that people go for a product (to be kept as a souvenir). At the core it is all about making the customer recall the brand based on the attention seeking capability of a packaging.

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