Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Tools and Machines that are Used for Pallet Strapping

Pallets, also known as skids, are flat structures which are used in transportation and these support goods in a stable manner while they are being lifted by a crane, front loader or some other kind of device. It has been seen that shipping containers and goods are commonly placed on a pallet and then secured with some kind of strong strapping so that the items remain safe together and do not fall off or come off. In modern days cardboard boxes are used extensively for packing things and transporting from one place to another and these have to be strapped efficiently.

For pallet strapping specific tools and equipments are needed so that the process of strapping is full proof and goods do not start falling down in the transit. Mentioned below are some essential tools and equipments that making strapping work simple and convenient:

pallet strapping tools machines

  • Steel strapping coils:

steel strapping coil

Steel strapping coils are quite important tools which are used in pallet strapping. Special steel strapping tools have to be used for the purpose. These coils are available in varying weights and widths. Choose the one that matches well with your strapping requirements.

  • Strapping seals and buckles:
strapping seals and buckles
Good quality strapping seals and buckles are high in demands for strapping goods well. 12 mm is the standard dimension of the metal seals and these are readily used for strapping. Apart from this variety, there are other varieties available as well and those might be used for different kinds of businesses.

  • Heavy duty tensioner:
heavy duty tensioner

Among different kinds of strapping tools and equipments, heavy duty tensioner needs special mention. The 12 mm hand pallet heavy duty tensioner is to be used with 12 mm hand pallet strapping coils. To make the strapping full proof, it is recommended to use semi open metal seals of 12 mm dimension with the tensioner and the coils.

  • Heavy duty sealer:

heavy duty sealer
Heavy duty sealer tool is used extensively for pallet strapping. Used for industrial and business purposes, these sealers are available in varying dimensions, though the 12 mm dimension is the most common one. For better grip, the ends of the sealers have plastic coatings.

  • Safety cutters:

safety cutter for steel strapping

Once the goods and products are properly sealed with strapping and transported to a new place, they have to be unstrapped as well. And for that it is important to have the right kinds of cutters so that the straps can be cut easily without putting in extra efforts. Steel strapping will definitely need special cutters.

  • Heavy duty strapping stand:

heavy duty strapping stand

Strapping stand is needed when large numbers of items need to be strapped. In these stands, there are provisions of carrying the strapping coil and unwinding the same. The stand provides ease of strapping to users and work gets done in a faster manner with such strapping equipments.

Investing in different kinds of strapping tools and equipments

Whatever be the kind of strapping machine, tool or equipment you need, it can be purchased from online as well as offline sources. There are many online stores, which deal with such products. Infact it is also possible to place bulk orders for such products at the stores and get them delivered right at your doorstep without any additional costs. Just ensure that the online store you choose is a trusted and reputed one.

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