Monday, 20 August 2018

How to Pack Clothes for Moving

When you plan to move to a new apartment there are a lot of things you need to plan out in advance so that you get to shift things smoothly and safely. Of which the most tedious task is packing things right.

Of many things that make you nervous when going for packing and moving, clothes are the ones that top the list. It makes the most part of your moving boxes and there are different ways each clothe should be treated and packed. To get you rid of this situation here are a few expert tips, from the leading packaging supplies company, that should help you to pack clothes for moving like an expert!

Sort Carefully

The first thing that you should do for this is proper sorting of the clothes. If you sort them properly you get to keep them in a proper order and arrangement and this allows you to take best care of them. 

So, it is recommended to sort out your clothes as irrelevant clothes (out of season ones), outdated clothes (no more in trend), outgrown clothes (to be retired), and worn out clothes (no point in wearing anymore). 

Having your clothes organized well you get to keep the favorite and newest ones at your easy reach and in the best conditions. 

Pre-pack clothes

Pre-pack all the clothes that are not needed by you anytime immediately. Like the ones you use while going out or wear to office. If you are not requiring hiking suit or raincoat you should better keep them down below in the pile. 

The clothes you will be requiring should be in your access so you should loose pack them and keep them filled in the boxes that are in your instant access. Also, put aside the clothes that you would wear during relocation. 

Group your clothing

In order to get the best results out of packing and moving, categorize clothes based on the type of material, season, size and purpose. 

Create these boxes looking at the requirement of each clothe type. For natural fabrics you should be creating wardrobe storage boxes with conditions that help it avoid creasing. 

For synthetic and polyester clothes keep it cramming-proof. Bring all small clothes like t-shirts and tanks in one box and long clothes in another. This will save you more space. Also, pack the current season’s clothes in one box and keep them separate from the other clothes in loose packing.

Take enough safety measures

When you are packing your clothes add protective layers (of tissue papers or plastic sheets) between delicate clothes that are made of expensive and rare material. Use insect repellent in the packaging boxes to avoid any damage by moths and other insects. 

Also, while you are packing your clothes make sure that you only put dry and clean clothes in the storage boxes, so that no stains or colors pass onto the other. So, you should keep all your wet and untidy clothes in separate well-sealed pouches.

These tips can vitally help you pack your clothes for moving and keeping them in best shape and condition.

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