Tuesday, 12 February 2019

How to Choose Right Packaging Material Supplies [Guide]

Your packaging material choice for your Consumer Packaged Goods should never be a second thought. It’s a definite recommendation to opt for best Packing Materials UK to maintain your brand rank.

Much is anticipated from the present packaging materials and brands must choose to pack materials keeping various factors in consideration including functionality, safety, shelf appeal and sustainability. Moreover, choice of packaging can be an extremely significant aspect of a brand’s marketing scheme. 

Today’s packing designs are not merely about protecting or containing a product, yet is also about providing information, exceeding customer expectation and delivering what customers expect.

Sort of packaging will always be influenced by the kind of CPG product. For instance, food products must be packed considering various safety regulations. While several CPG products are not required to abide by the strict safety rules that food products have to, however, people expect the packaging to be functional, attractive and safe. 

Moreover, all types of CPG packaging are a growing concern with sustainability. Social and environmental responsibility are vital branding traits, majorly to younger customers. Let’s learn about some major factors that matters while choosing the packaging materials for CPG.

Safety and Functionality in Food Packaging

The packing that contains food items must not cause harmful reactions with the item inside. It must not cause catalyze reactions or toxicity in the food product, and must not even transfer toxic substances to food from packaging.  Food packaging must achieve the following purpose:

1. Restraint the food product
2. Preserve and protect the food from biochemical and physical changes, water, light, air and other materials.
3. Effectual marketing of the product inside
4. Convenient to use

As per the rules set by FDA, it is the responsibility of manufacturers to comply by all specifications of packaging materials that contact food. All considerations are in vain if the regulations and safety requirements for packing food products are not met. Food safety is of prime importance.

Brand Marketing and Design of Food Packaging

Although safety and containment is of prime importance, branding and marketing also matters. The correct choice of packaging helps in establishing the identity of brand and provide important information of your business and its values to the customers. In order to appeal the right audience design can be produced using ideal text, shape, colour and ways of opening and closing. 

Above all, branding section must promise the quality that product actually offers. A customer can be fooled by extraordinary packaging once on a low-quality product, however they will not make a similar mistake again.

Shelf-readiness is the another important aspect of marketing and branding. Besides powerful shelf-readiness, neatly-shelved products are more reflecting and appealing and beneficial for all including the providers of wholesale packaging supplies, retailers and of course the brand.

Pricing of Nonfood CPG Products Packaging

CPG products include many other items apart from food such as cleaning supplies, beauty and health, utensils etc. that contemplate the importance of packing design. In order to maintain the profit margins the cost of packaging materials is highly important. However, it must be considered from various angles, including the durability of the packing material while delivery, transport and during shortages.

Just like food products, functionality and quality matters with non-food products of CPG as well. Innovative packaging may not work if it doesn’t secure products while its journey from the manufacturer to the customer. Hence, it is important to balance the quality and cost to avoid the replacement problems. 

Standard Vs bespoke sizes are another cost consideration. In general, standard sizes offer more convenience and flexibility during storage, transportation and handling, in addition they are more cost-effective. While on the other hand to enhance the visual impact you must opt for non-standard sizes & bold labeling design. Wholesale packaging supplies will also help in balancing between the cost and pfrofit margins.

Storage and Distribution Considerations

Selecting the suitable packaging materials, for example boxes for moving house, requires a deep understanding of the life cycle of product from manufacturing unit to stock room, distribution, retail and customer’s home. In order to arrive the product at consumer’s home fresh and undamaged, sort of transportation used, as well as the storage conditions at different levels of the life-cycle of product must all influence the selection of packaging material.

E-Commerce Packaging and Comfort

E-commerce packaging must be size-appropriate, easy to store and practical. Furthermore, if it is innovative (for e.g.  snack baggies that stand straight on their own and can be easily re-sealed) then its much better. Despite the e-commerce customers shop products of their choice, they can feel even happier when their parcel comes on time and they get exactly what was expected. 

Unboxing Experience of the Consumer

Irrespective of the product inside, customers engage with both primary & secondary packaging, that drives a sense of trust: is it the right product? Is it in perfect condition? Should I continue shopping with the same site next time? 

CPG Brands that have strong presence in the e-commerce industry aren't simply conveying an ordeal that must match with customer’s typical in-store experience. To some extent it must compete with the experiences a customer has had unpacking deliveries of all types. Get the best packing materials UK and attract more customers.

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