Thursday, 20 June 2019

Some Interesting Facts of Bubble Wrap Rolls

Being there for almost 70 years now, Bubble wraps are more than a packaging solution to all of us. It is a way we pack, parcel and protect goods that we use in everyday life. Its air-filled capsules mounted over a sheet of plastic have their own individuality and way of solving our packaging and moving problems.

So, for something so popping special, which has a day by its name to be celebrated and honoured, you must be knowing more.

Here are some of the interesting facts about Bubble Wrap rolls:

1. It was created to be a wallpaper

Surprised? Well, back in 1950s wallpapers were quite a trend and it was as mandatory to put on as letter box was back in those days. These came out to be used as an experiment in late 50’s, bringing padded wallpaper with raised texture gluing shower curtains together.This never worked though for long. 

2. Used for greenhouse insulation 

As the Bubble wrap’s glued-curtain idea didn’t work for wallpapers it was taken to build greenhouses, to insulate buildings and retain heat. The idea partially worked and made some buyer base for itself but it didn’t go a long distance to be a commercial hit as it was not easy to convince users to use plastic as an insulator for the organic stuff.

3. Bubble Wrap is trademarked

Of the most interesting things about the bubble wrap is that is a trademarked product. Which is owned by the company named Sealed Air, incorporated by Fielding and Chavannes, who were responsible for its invention and commercial propagation at different application roles and usage variables.

4. Surviving a fall on Bubble Wrap

This one is really creepy but at one instance a WIRED contributor Rhett Allain, went on to crunch numbers and find out and confirm that it would exactly require 39 layers of Bubble Wrap to survive a six-storey fall. Well, which is neither tested, nor approved by any legitimate body however.

5. An artist uses Bubble Wrap to create pop art

Artist Bradley Hart is known for his unique artform. He uses syringe to inject paint in each bubble dot to create pixelated modern art as portrait and landscape paintings. He can paint sceneries, people, emotions, buildings and reiterate famous paintings. Another amazing thing he does with these works is he reverse-displays them to show an abstract counterpoint to the more disciplined and organized images on the front.

6. You can opt for fancy versions

So, it is not all the time that it comes with that round bloated polka dot design on it that you see generally. Yeah! You can choose to have your bubble wrap roll in a different design that sports different shapes of bubble chambers. For instance, you get them designed as hearts and smileys too.

7. Sealed Air once made Golden Wrap

In 2010, on the occasion of 50th anniversary that they completed working as a shipping staple, the owning company of this amazing packaging product released a special commemorative bubble wrap which was all in gold, and was of course a big news that year.

These are some interesting facts about bubble wrap rolls. Let us know if have more to add to these!

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