Friday, 24 January 2020

Types of Moving Boxes Used For Packing Goods

While packing your stuff, one should be assured that removal boxes used, are suitable for transporting your goods with minimal chances of damage. While it can be tempting to use the cheapest boxes and packing supplies available, the type of boxes and supplies that you use will likely have a big impact on keeping your items safe and secure during the move or in a storage facility.
Removal Boxes
Cardboard boxes are primarily used in the packaging of goods. Planning is the most important part while packing. Therefore we have listed some types of cardboard removal boxes and explained their uses for a specific type of items to be kept in them.
  1. Coagulated Boxes: Designed to be strong with extra cushioning to protect fragile items, they are used widely in the food industry as well as for shipping in bundles. Corrugated boxes are stronger than your average cardboard box and come in a wide range of sizes.
  2. Wardrobe Boxes: These boxes are specially designed to safely transport hanging clothes such as suits, jackets, shirts and other hanging clothes. Clothes can simply be moved from your closet and hung on the box’s metal hanging bar.
  3. Pallet Boxes: Pallet boxes are used for the shipping of heavy items or bulk packing of goods. These boxes can dramatically reduce transport and shipping costs because you can pack lots of items. Goods packed are secured with strapping, stretch wrap or shrink wrap in the pallet boxes.
  4. Bulk Distribution Carton: These are industry standard boxes used for mail orders or retail business designed for storing garments, catalogues and other such products.
  5. Dish Pack Boxes: Dish packs are used for packaging to protect fragile and breakable kitchen utensils. Dish box has a double layer of corrugated cardboard. These extra-thick walls give the items inside an added layer of protection.
There are a few varieties of cardboard removal boxes used for packing and shipping different types of items. You can analyse which removal boxes are used for packing different items. Packaging Express provides a wide variety of products online at trade price.

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