Wednesday, 25 March 2020

All about Messenger or Postal Bag

Messenger bags or mail bags are designed to be used as a carrier for the transportation of mails and goods from one place to another. In olden times the postal bags or messenger bags were used for collecting and categorizing the mails based on their destination and medium of transportation.

Postal Bag

The most unforgettable history about the usage of postal bags - between years 1913 to 1915 when parents used postal mail system to deliver their kids miles away to their relatives through postal bags by the postmasters. 

About Postal Bags:

  • The postal bags are of many types based on their usages. Usually, the bag is made up of leather to ensure that the heavy-duty goods and mails inside remain intact. These are durable and water resistance bags that offer protection to the goods and mails.
  • This type of postal bag is structured in such a way that it has a single strap closure due which the goods or mails kept inside are easily accessible and at the same time due to locking system are safe and secured. The mail bags have enough space to organize mails effectively so that they can be distributed without any fuss.
The idea of using a mail bag was introduced in 1780. This was when mails were dispatched through ships, mail bags were used to segregate them according to the intended destination. These classic bags carry hundreds of mails within and the postmasters used to deliver them from door to door every day. 

Types of Mail Bags:

The mail bags or postal bags in England were bifurcated into different types according to the security of mails.
  • Mail sacks: This has no lock system and carries low-security mails.
  • Mail satchel: This is used for personal mail delivery on a designated route.
  • Mail Pouch: This is used for delivering military mails, registered mails and first class mails.
  • Catcher Pouch: A mail bag used by railway post office in exchange when the train does not stop at the station.

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