Tuesday, 30 June 2015

How Packaging can affect Your Sales

When you go to a store as a consumer you mostly have a rough idea about the products you want. However for most of them you do not have a clear idea as to which brand to go for or maybe you did not even give such a thought at all. However unbelievable you may find it most of us on most occasions choose the brand due to the effect of its packaging and the best part is that this effect remains unknown to us. I can see you denying my claim out of shear dismay but that only proves my point. Even in the world of brand marketing the good old words hold true – ‘First impression is the last one’.
Hence the marketing geniuses are continually putting in effort to better the look and feel of the packaging of their company’s products based on the psyche of the target customer base.

When it comes to customer mindset, here is the essence of how it works –
‘The package becomes the extension of the product itself.’

Guiding Factors –

There are several factors that guide the designing of the right package for a product and thus can make a big impact on the sales quotient of the same. Here are some of them:

Customer base and their cultural and social behaviors are a must know how when packaging a product for them. Most popular brands from any industry thus play around with their packaging designs constantly. They may have different labels for local and global supplies.

Since in all stores like products are bound to be placed together so a thorough study of the packaging strategy of competitors is essential in order to chalk out the path for your product’s success.

Must Features –

Attention grabbing:
This is something that makes the customers to stop while passing by a display shelf and take a second look at your product. Once they begin lingering around it means they will be lured to use the product at least once thus forcing a first time customer out of them.

Proper USP display:
Your package should clearly highlight the unique-selling-points of your product as crisply and precisely as possible. This aids in transmitting your salability factors to customers’ subconscious within the few seconds for which you may hold their attention.

Emotional impact:
It is another very critical route to connect with the customer.

Functional packaging:
Products with user friendly packaging that enhance the usability and storage of the product will ensure a repeat sale from the customers. On the other hand, packages which are difficult to handle will lose their re-salability quotient completely.

Thus one can easily conclude from the above discussion that through appropriate Packaging and package design not only the purpose of marketing your product is achieved but also it aids you to draw your merchandise and also helps to increase your customer base by maintaining existing customers through re-salability and adding new ones to that.

All business firms designate separate department where experts analyze all sort of marketing trends, customer variances, target area and the packaging strategy in accordance to the conclusions drawn from these studies.

Finally a small tip:
Keep your packaging patterns eye-catching
Keep your packaging such that it triggers the consumers’ emotion at a glance
Use strategies to hit the mass psyche such that it turns their “want” into “crave”

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