Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Benefits of Packaging Supplies

Packaging supplies often makes people think of a warehouse stuffed with boxes, stationary and envelopes.  While this can partly be true the idea of having packaging supplies can be overwhelming for some people. It can be seen as too much effort or too complicated to sort out. At Packaging Express we aim to change that perception.In our opinion it is highly beneficial to have a decent supply of packaging materials, especially for businesses. We also believe it to be helpful to have a small supply at home too.

Here’s why:

All year round there are birthdays, weddings, christenings and then of course there is Christmas at the end of each year. This usually means gifts to send and gifts need to be sent in something other than a carrier bag it came in from the local shop.

Do you often note down that you need to buy some envelopes and/or jiffy bags and find that days and weeks pass before you actually purchase them? Have you ever searched high and low for a shoe box or any box that would be just the right size for the hand-made hamper you need to send?

This is where we come in.

We have a large array of sizes of jiffy bags available - from 50 per box to 150 depending on the size. And there are a range of boxes available too. From single wall boxes, to wardrobe boxes (are you shipping some clothes abroad? These are the boxes for you), Golf Club boxes and book wraps.

We all have someone in the family who love books, so instead of using a jiffy bag to send a book, use a book wrap instead. Amazon is a well-known brand that uses them.
Need some bubble wrap to protect valuables? Got that too.

This all sounds quite exciting doesn’t it? And you don’t need a whole room inside you home to house packaging supplies, sometimes just a draw or a shelf in the cupboard will suffice.

And if you’ve not noticed it before, when you buy in bulk, you get more value for your money!

So check your home, note down what packaging supplies you need and then come visit our website.

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