Thursday, 24 September 2015

Your box, your needs

A box is just a box right? There are actually a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours available, as well as a difference in thickness. The box that contains the book you ordered will highly likely be different to the one that contains those trainers you snapped up online. Whether you are moving house or delivering goods, cardboard boxes are always there.
Richard Gair invented the cardboard box by accident in 1871 and they have become an integral part of our lives ever since. Despite the humble appearance of a cardboard box, making one is more complicated than you think.

The following are the very basics of how a box is made:
A cardboard box is made up of 3 structural components. One wavy sheet of paper called the flute is sandwiched between 2 flat sheets called liners, and together they form a corrugated board.
Recyclable paper is used for the flutes as it is more malleable than non recycled paper.
Usually the first process involves mechanical pulping and chemical pulping to ensure the wood chips are clean and suitable for purpose. After fluting – the wavy sheet of paper sandwiched between the liners, the layers of board are pressed and glued together by a corrugator.

A trimmer cuts out small details such as flaps and hand holes, and then the board is cut and glued according to the style used. The boxes are then delivered to the customer and are ready to be used.

The difference between single wall and double wall boxes is down to the corrugated paper. The double wall has two layers while the single has one, making the double wall box stronger and durable compared with the single wall box.
Double wall boxes are ideal for long-term storage and transportation of larger and heavier goods, while single walls are great for short-term storage and the transportation of smaller, less fragile goods.

If you take a look at the range of boxes we have on our website, you will see the different types we have available.
Book Wraps obviously for books, Golf Club Boxes for shipping or storing your golf clubs, Wardrobe Boxes in case you have any items you wish to not be creased during transit, Moving House Boxesand much more! Whatever the box, whatever your needs, we have it.

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