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Tips for Book Packing while Moving

Book lovers love their books more than anything else. And that is true in every sense of the word! This is the reason many book lovers find shifting to be an extremely stressful job. The main concern of the person remains is whether the books will reach the destination in the perfect shape and manner.

Majority of books are flat. While some have hard back cover, some come in the form of paperbacks. The thickness of the books also varies from one another. But generally we do not think about packing books separately while moving. We tend to put the books in strong removal boxes and think we are done. But packing books is not that easy. Wrongly packed books might lead to various kinds of problems and cause accidental mess in the moving van. Some of the main problems that occur due to improper packing include bent spine of the books, formation of dog-eared corners in the books and worst of all ripped pages.

Book Wraps

Things needed for packing books while moving and shifting
If you are looking to pack your books in the best manner before shifting so that no damage is inflicted on the same, it is recommended to arrange these materials for packing first: 

·      Strong cardboard boxes – The cardboardboxes that are needed for packing books should be strong and tough to withstand the pressure of the books. Books are heavy, they really are!  The ideal size boxes should not be deeper than 16” and should be small. Boxes made of corrugated cardboard are the best choice as they offer additional strength. 

       Tape for fastening – Brown packing tape is the best thing to fasten these boxes tightly and securely. However, if these tapes come in contact with books, there are chances of damage to the books. This is the reason, many people use masking tape. It depends on your choice as which tape you want to use in packing books.

Tips on packing books in cardboard boxes for shifting 

1. Use packing paper or tissue paper for lining the cardboard boxes if you are looking to pack hard back books with attractive slip covers. The tissue papers prevent friction with the main box and let the book covers remain intact. 

2. Place the largest and the heaviest books right at the bottom of the box. This keeps the gravity down. Arranging the books is also easy via this process. 

3. Place the books in a flat manner. Do not start stacking the box from one side as the books might fall down owing to the heavy weight. Rather lay the books flat side by side. This will not only give proper balance, but it will also create more space. Sometimes, you have to make adjustments accordingly so that all the books can be accommodated comfortably. 

4. Do not leave gaps inside the books as that will lead to movement of the books while in transit. Fill up the gaps inside the box with newspaper. You can also use towels, clothes and lighting bedding materials for sealing the gaps. 

5. Never fill the box till the top. It is always recommended to keep a gap of minimum 1 inch on the top. 

6. Use packaging tape religiously for fastening the boxes in the best possible manner so that the items inside remain safe and protected. 

And lastly, label the boxes properly so that you don’t need to search them separately. Use high quality packing boxes UK for best results. 

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