Friday, 27 May 2016

Cost Effective E-Commerce Packaging Ideas

Ecommerce business is booming all over the world. The ease of ordering from home and receiving the ordered thing packaged beautifully right at the door step is great value and trust building exercise for the ecommerce companies. Therefore, there are companies which try to gain some extra miles by personalizing the packaging and adding a human touch in a cost effective manner, yet balancing the beauty of packaging.  The fun of unwrapping layers of secured and beautiful packages gives a special feel of opening a gift to the customers.

Inexpensive and Safe Ecommerce Packaging Ideas:

Since, hundreds and thousands of orders need to be accomplished in a single day; complicated and stylized packaging differing form order to order can become a tedious and costly affair. The ecommerce companies are trying to standardize a few packaging materials like use of different size cardboard boxes for small and big orders. Some companies have also started using environmentally safe recycled plastic envelopes for small product deliveries. Safety of the product during delivery is catered with the help of secured packaging techniques. Primary packaging of the products is therefore, done in bubble wraps or plastic sheets. This reduces the chances of damage due to impact during accidental fall, movement, storage and transportation. The box in which the wrapped products are placed also is filled with peanuts or Styrofoam to fill the void space surrounding the product for extra protection. The customers always like to open the bubble foam wraps especially love to burst its air pockets. The customers acknowledge and appreciate the ecommerce companies which are extra cautious in terms of packaging efforts to deliver the products damage free.

Catering to Designing Dimension:

Designing of the packaging is another dimension which can be catered within a limited budget. Delivering the products in an attractive package always doubles the pleasure of unwrapping for the customers. Hence, simple variations in the lid openings are made in cardboard box packages to make it look fancy. Some ideas like detachable lids, opening from sides instead of top, packing a box within a bigger box make the packaging look amazing in a cost effective manner. The designing concepts also differ depending shape and size of the products to be delivered.

Economical Ways of Customization:

The company can leave a good and lasting impression in the eyes of the customers by personalizing the package. This does not mean adding to the cost in a major way. A little thank you note or even offering a small freebie can act like an indirect promotional strategy which makes the company reaches straight into the hearts of the customers. Such customized add-ons get an overwhelming response in the form of repeat purchases by the customers.  Customers also appreciate provision of a liberal return policy. Hence, the package must showcase the logo of the company and also the bill. This can aid the customers in case they need to return the products.    

Low Cost Eco-Friendly Means of Packaging:

Though cardboard is being used majorly as a means of packaging, this is threatening the environment with the dwindling number of trees. Hence, many companies are trying to be socially responsive by using low cost eco-friendly packaging materials like papers derived from animal dung, recycled plastic sheets and many such alternatives. 

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