Thursday, 23 June 2016

Tips to Select Right Packing Materials for Your Online Shipments

Online shopping has become quite a trend today. People can comfortably place orders online for almost all kinds of things by sitting at their home or from office – thanks to the innumerable e-commerce portals. In fact most of these portals also have their apps or mobile versions and so you can do your shopping on the go as well. The online shipments are parceled to the provided address in a short period of time. 

Safe transportation of the shipments 

Once the orders are placed on the e-commerce platform, the request goes out to the nearest warehouse where the items are physically present. They are then packed with suitable packaging materials and dispatched for delivery. The items are carefully packed with different kinds of packing goods so that no damage is inflected on them in any manner. Also if the item is delicate, mention is made of the same so that it is handled with extra care, while loading and unloading. 

Selection of the right materials for packaging for online shipments 

Online shipments can come from local warehouses, from warehouses in different states and cities as well as from international destinations. Therefore it is important to ensure that the right materials are chosen for packaging of the items. Mentioned below are some tips on selecting the best materials for packaging of online shipments:

High quality cardboard boxes–Many items need packaging in cardboard boxes. Ensure that such boxes are strong and durable. The boxes are available in different sizes as per the size of the item that needs packing. The boxes should be of premium quality and recyclable. 

Materials for filling up voids in the packing –Whatever be the kind of shipment you are handling, it is desirable that it is tight and compact. This is important so that the packed item does not get extra space for movement as that might lead to damage or breakage. Filling in the empty gaps in the package is the best thing that can be done. There are different materials which can be used for the purpose. They are:

Bubble wraps –Available in the form of large, medium and small bubbles, bubble wraps are excellent for filling up voids in a parcel. The length and widths of bubble wraps vary from one another and can be used as per requirement. When an item is wrapped with a bubble wrap the bubbles do not let the pressure come on the item directly and offer extra protection. 

Styrofoam peanuts –These are small round shaped Styrofoam balls which help in filling in voids in any parcel. Due to their small size they can reach to every small nook and corner of the parcel and provide complete cushioning. There are no chances of any kinds of damages from this packaging item. 

Tapes for fastening –Fastening the parcel well is very important for safe transportation and delivery. Different varieties of tapes are available in the market for packing parcels of varying sizes. 

Along with selecting the right kinds of materials for packaging, it is also vital to choose the right company for buying packaging supplies. Now such supplies can be bought from various online stores as well. Just choose the kinds of packaging items you want and their quantitiesand place order. The goods will be delivered at your doorstep. 

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