Friday, 26 August 2016

Packing and Moving Artwork, Pictures & Frames

Shifting and moving a place is an arduous job and needs lots of planning and care. While some things are easy and convenient to pack and move, others require delicate handling. If you have artwork, large picture frames and similar items that need to be moved, you must know the techniques that should be applied for packing them. General packing might lead to chipped and cracked frames or broken glasses in the painting. You would definitely not want the paintings and the artwork to suffer and for that using the right kinds of packaging materials is absolutely necessary. Usually the frame needs separate packing and it is the most damage prone area in the artwork or painting.

Packing Framed Prints or Artwork
Many people love to have pictures printed and have them framed to be hung from walls or kept on a corner table. In-fact some such images can be quite large and need careful packing while shifting from one place to another. To move such images, packing boxes can be used. Pack the bottom of the boxes with newspaper so that a kind of cushioning is formed. For packing the frame, using bubble wrap is a great idea. If that is not available padded cardboard also works well as heavy cushioning is formed by the same. Even in case of direct impact on the frame, there are no chances of damage to the frame. Once the frame is provided with due protection put the image into the box. If there is space in between, stuff old newspapers to that the image cannot move inside the box during transit. Use high quality tape for closing the box. Don’t forget to mark the box as ‘fragile-art work’.

Packing Paintings
The style of packing paintings will depend on the kind of painting that is being packed. If there is glass framing for the painting, it is important to provide additional protection to the same. First and foremost put a masking tape all across the painting in ‘X’ shape. This will keep the glass pieces in place if the glass breaks during transportation. Use bubble wrap for covering the main canvas and use tapes for fixing them at the sides so that they do not open by any chance. Slim cardboard boxes are available, which are exclusively made for packing paintings and images and frames. Use these for packing such items to remain safe from breakage. If the frame is too delicate, try packing it is two boxes, one inside the other. Also stuff newspapers and other materials for cushioning so that direct pressure does not come on the frame or the painting in any way.

Choosing Plastic Coating for The Paintings and Other Artwork
During the packing and shifting process, it might happen that the frame or the glass develops some kinds of scratches or marks, which are difficult to remove. To protect from such events, try adding a plastic coating on the surface of the painting and on the glass so that it is safe from scratches and other marks. This packing should be tight and see that the plastic coating does not become tangled and bunched. Wrapping the entire painting and artwork surface once is more than enough.

With such precautions and packaging materials, there is no risk of transporting your delicate paintings and artwork from one place to another. 

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