Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Creative Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes

We all have those numerous cardboard boxes dumped somewhere in our home that came with some packaging and now just gathering dusts. Either that or we just throw them away or may be recycling them which in turn will end up in dump. But with bringing little bit of creativity into action we can use these cardboard boxes to make something beautiful and useful.

Cardboard boxes come in various sizes and using them you can make many household usable or something to décor. If you have kids in house then these boxes are source of various creative activities for them. Here we have shared some interesting and beautiful reuse of cardboard boxes that easy DIY projects. 

Play Projects for Kids
Cardboard boxes are best for setting up of castles and small world that you can use for storytelling. It is an interesting way to engage your kid and improve her creativity. Along with these you can make shape-sorter and other play things for toddlers.

Beautiful Plant Boxes
You can use your old shoe cartoon to grow beautiful plants in them by lining it with a plastic bag and some tiny holes in the bottom. You can decorate this box with vibrant colors and anything as far as your creativity goes.

Small Cut outs for Coasters and Tags
You can cut out those useless cardboard moving boxes into circular pieces and decorate them with patterns and colors to make beautiful coasters for your cups. Your guests are sure to appreciate these efforts. 

You can also cut out these boxes into the shapes of colorful price tags and use them to tag thing in your cupboard and wardrobe. It is a easy way to label things and use them as bookmarkers with your favorite character designs.

Cover Up Weeds
This is a unique solution if you are tormented by unwanted weeds in your backyard. Use some cardboard to lay over the areas with weed. As cardboard is compostable it will get soaked quite well and then cover it up with soil and you are all good with weed.

Magazine Storage
You can use those discarded cereal boxes to create beautiful magazine stands by cutting them in variable sizes. Color them over or use those used gift wrappers to wrap the magazine stand and voila! You have a gorgeous magazine stand to show off.

Party Décor Items
Cut out those cardboard into various shapes of flowers stars and anything you like. Put them together in a string and paint them with vibrant colors. You have your own DIY décor items that your guests will love for your and applause you as well.

Photo Frames
This DIY item is so beautiful and addictive that people buy cardboard boxes to make them. Use cardboards to make photo frames and decorate them with fabrics, laces or some paints and shimmers. These will look gorgeous on your walls..

There endless ideas to build up something with waste materials and cardboard boxes are the flexible one of all. You can make use of them as wild as your creativity goes and let people amazed with your DIY talents. Get inspired from these ideas and enjoy crafting!

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