Friday, 27 January 2017

Everything you need to know about Mailing Bags

E-commerce and online shopping is taking the world by storm. People are ordering products while sitting at home, from their office or on the move. The ordered goods are delivered at the doorstep of the provided address. Payments can also be made in the online mode so there are no hassles of cash transactions too. With a boom in online shopping, demands of mailing bags have increased in the market as most of the products are packed and sent in these bags. These bags are available in wide varieties and have become a convenient material for product packaging.

Different kinds of mailing bags commonly available and used in the market:

  • For enclosed documents

Important documents often need to be sent from one place to another and for this using mail bags is the best option. It is obvious that you would not want that the important documents be visible from outside, so the bag should have a dark coating inside so that the inside items are not visible. Some of these bags also have a separate wallet kind of system where the important documents can be tucked along with other items in the parcel.

  • Opaque bags

While sending a parcel or while ordering a product, you would want the item to remain concealed from public eye. And this is where opaque bags come into help. There are different colors in which opaque bags are available. Standard opaque mailing bags come in co-ex film and the exteriors are completely black so that it is 100% opaque. Only one side of the bag is printed in white where the address and other details can be written prominently.

  • Security mailers

If you are looking to send extremely confidential and valuable documents via mail, using security mailers is highly recommended. Documents like solicitor papers, property papers, medical records, exam papers etc are extremely important. There might be chances of tampering these documents and hence sending them with full protection is imperative. There are ‘tamper proof’ bags available for packaging these kinds of documents so that they reach the destination in undamaged and unhampered condition.

  • Heavy duty mailing bags

Kinds of products that are packed in these bags vary from one another. While some items might be lightweight; some might be quite heavy. For sending products that are large in size and heavy at the same time, heavy duty bags are needed so that no damage is inflicted on the product while in transit. These bags are super thick for providing extra strength and durability. Items can be shipped overseas too with this kind of sturdy packaging with no damage to the items inside the package.

  • Handled bags

Mailing bags with handles are becoming extremely popular with people for their ease of holding and carrying. The costing of manufacturing this packaging material is definitely more when compared to other mailing bags, but they are being preferred by people now. These materials are mainly required in places where the goods are delivered to a store from where customers will buy them directly. Consumers can carry the bags easily when there is a handle in it.

There are many online stores from where you can purchase best quality mailing bags at the most affordable rates. Browse through the various options to find the best store offering the most suitable rates for the products.

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