Tuesday, 3 January 2017

10 Time-Saving Packing Tips for Moving

Moving a place involves various kinds of hassles. Packing the goods and moving them safely to the new destination is a job that needs careful handling and immaculate planning. If you have abundant time in your hand, you can pack the goods without any hurry. But what happens when time is short and you have to complete the packing job at the earliest?

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Mentioned below are 10 time-saving packing tips while moving:
  • Make a plan at the first place
Instead of starting to pack haphazardly, make a plan or a schedule for packing and work likewise. When you start packing initially, you will get an idea as how much time you need to pack one box. You can calculate and make the schedule accordingly. With planning, you will be able to complete the packing job within the estimated time and not have last minute hassles.
  • Know items that you don’t need to pack
There are many items in the household which are never used. Try not to pack and carry them. To be frank, moving house is a time when you can actually De-clutter things. Give away things that you don’t need. Once these are sorted, you will have time to pack the things that you need in a better manner. Again there are many items, which are not allowed to be transported. Refrain from packing such items.
  • Stock up packing supplies in advance
Once the packing plan is made, it is time that you have all the packing materials handy. You will find various kinds of boxes for moving house as these are the most commonly used materials for the purpose. Along with moving boxes UK, other packing materials like scissors, markers, stickers, tapes, bubble wraps etc are also needed. Keep these ready.
  • Start with a room
Don’t start packing things from different rooms at the same time. Start with a room, finish that and then progress to the next room. Use markers and stickers to write the name of the room and the things that are packed within so that it is easy to dismantle things in the new place.
  • Packing a moving survival kit is mandatory
There are some vital items, which you might need in your regular life. Create a separate bag for such things and carry the same with you. This bag will contain things like toiletries, important documents, snacks and other items. In case other things are delayed, you will have things of bare necessities with you.
  • Make the house ready for moving out
Just packing is not enough for moving a house. The house has to be made ready as well for moving. For instance, unplug lighting fixtures and appliances; disconnect anything that is hard-wired and so on. Make the path clear from where the packed boxes will be moved out of the house to the transportation vehicle so that the process of moving out is speeded up.
  • Work towards labeling and smart sorting system
This tip is really helpful while unpacking the boxes. Use colored labeling stickers to separate the contents of each room. Use a marker for writing the kinds of contents that are there in each box so that you know which box contains what and that can be placed in the respective rooms in the new destination. For fragile items, special marking should be done.
  • Pack clothes in large garbage bags
Though wardrobe boxes are available for exclusively packing clothes while moving, they occupy lots of space, are heavy and are slightly expensive as well. Instead of these, use fresh and large garbage bags for packing your clothes. Clothes might get little crumpled, but they will be safe in these bags.
  • Take pictures of wired devices before unplugging them
Re-plugging and re-installing the devices in the new place might be difficult. Take pictures of the wired devices before unplugging them. This will help in saving time while reinstalling the devices and appliances.
  • Seek assistance from a moving and packing company
If you are short on time and looking to move house in a hurry, save time and efforts by hiring a moving and packing company. The professionals in the team know how to handle things in the best manner.

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