Thursday, 1 December 2016

Packing Tips You Must Know When Moving House

Moving a house is a job that needs meticulous planning. Just packing and moving things are not enough. It has to be done in an organized manner so that while unpacking there are not many problems and things can be re-arranged quickly.

Moving house

Mentioned below are some excellent packing tips that are greatly useful while moving house:

First and Foremost De-Clutter:

de-clutter home item

There are innumerable items in your house that you don’t need, but you never throw or give them away. Moving house is the time when you can de-clutter. You can arrange a sale or give things in charity. Ask your friends or anybody you know if they would like to take any item that you don’t need and are not taking with you.

Start With Packing Items That You Rarely Need:

removal boxes

There are many items that you rarely need in the house. Seasonal items are most common in this regard. Take removal boxes and pack such items in them one by one. Keep these boxes aside once you are done. 

Take Time in Packing and Start Early:

Rushing through the process of packing things while moving house, creates complete chaos. Things get misplaced or they get damaged etc. so take time in packing things in an organized manner. If you are willing to do the packing on your own, start early and see how much time it takes. On packing one box, you will get an idea of the time taken in packing. Plan packing as per the volume of items that you have in your house.

Pack Items of One Room At Once:

Do not make the packing a messy affair by starting packing items from all the rooms at once. Take one room at once and complete packing from that room.Once done, go to the other room. This will keep the process of packing highly organized. While taking the boxes for transportation, you will know which boxes go where. 

Make Sure That the Boxes Are Labeled Properly:

Labeling the boxes is mandatory while packing and moving. Use a permanent marker for marking the boxes. Write in bold letters so that they are prominent. Make sure that you write on the sides of the boxes and not on the top. Keep different colors ready for different rooms. This will help in understanding as which box belongs to which room. Unpacking becomes easier with this mode.

Fill In the Gaps in the Packing Boxes:

Fill Gaps in Packing Boxes

While packing things in cardboard moving boxes, there are high chances that gaps exist within items. Thing might lead to breakage of items while transportation. It is recommended to seal these gaps in the cardboard boxes with suitable materials like newspaper, foam sheets, bubble wraps etc. This would keep the fragile items safe during transportation. 

Do Not Overload the Packing Boxes

Packing Boxes

We have a tendency of overloading the packing boxes with as much stuff as possible. This makes the boxes overtly heavy. Carrying them might cause back injury. It is recommended to keep a certain amount of weight in every box so that carrying the same is easy. For heavy items, use small boxes for packing; while for lighter items choose large boxes.

Also, if there are hazardous materials keep them separately and pack with caution so that no damage is incurred. 


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