Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Why biodegradable document enclosed wallets are good to use?

There are times when important documents need to be sent from one place to another via courier services or otherwise. There are chances that the parcel gets wet in rains or some other kind of unwanted pressure is inflicted on the same causing damage to the exteriors of the parcel. You might also have seen that many E-commerce websites send the invoices in a separately sealed plastic packet and these are attached to the main parcel externally. These sealed packets are actually called document enclosed wallets and these offer extremely safe storage of important documents like invoices during transit. There are many companies which manufacture these kinds of packaging supplies for commercial purposes. Packaging Express needs special mention.

Advantages of Document Enclosed Wallets

Why buying document enclosed wallets from Packaging Express is a great idea?

We, at Packaging Express, are leading supplier of biodegradable, high-quality document enclosed wallets in the market. Whether you are looking for plain or printed document wallets, we have all varieties in store just for your needs. Moreover, we manufacture these packaging items in various sizes as we know the sizes of documents vary. Therefore there will be need and demand of suitable wallets. It makes no sense if a small invoice is sent in a large document wallet.
Documents Enclosed

These wallets can be fixed directly on the parcel boxes. As a result, there is high professional look on the item. Sometimes invoices and challans need to be furnished during transit. With such excellent packaging, invoices can be checked from outside and there is no need to open the whole parcel for the same.

We, at Packaging Express are highly concerned about the environment. We ensure that all the products that we manufacture and sell are Eco-friendly in nature and biodegradable at the same time. Disposing off these document wallets will not cause any harm to the environment and it will be decomposed easily. The process of decomposition begins when the wallets come in direct contact of sunlight. So if you are planning to reuse these wallets, make sure that you store them in a dark and cool place so that there is no scope of the sun-rays reaching there.

Document enclosed wallets – high in demands in E-commerce industry

The greatest demands of document wallets are seen in the E-commerce industry today. Previously, the invoices of the items that were parceled remained inside the boxes. But now they are put inside the enclosed wallets and affixed on the main box. The packaging item is made from biodegradable materials and keeps the invoice safe from natural forces. We have been supplying these wallets to various E-commerce businesses since a long time. And with passing time, their demands are increasing constantly too. We at Packaging Express try to meet the requirements of our clients and customers in the best way possible.

High quality packaging materials at affordable costs with Packaging Express

At Packaging Express, we make sure that the best quality material is supplied to our clients and customers. We take bulk orders too and have successfully met deadlines in delivering the orders. Another thing that makes us different from other packaging material suppliers is our costing. Compare our charges to other suppliers and you will understand the difference well. We are dedicated to providing the best services to our clients so that both the businesses – ours and theirs can prosper well.

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