Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Different Uses of Bubble Wrap

While packing something or while receiving the most important thing that strikes the mind first is a bubble wrap. It is a pliable transparent material made up of plastic with its spud, air-filled hemispheres or bubbles that provide cushioning for fragile item’s keeping them safe.

Bubble wrap is often formed from polyethylene (LDPE) with a lower permeation barrier film to allow longer useful life and resistance.

Sometimes people use it as a source of amusement as it makes a popping sound when compressed and ruptured. But many are still unknown about the ways that a bubble wrap can be useful. So we bring you some interesting usage of the bubble wraps that often people take as a “good for nothing” material.

1- Insulate Drafty Windows: -

A best way to keep your home warm and chill free this winter is using bubble wraps. Stick the wrap onto the window using water and keep the flat side facing you.

2- Protect Walls: -

To protect your doors to hit the wall, that leaves a mark, it is a good solution to it by covering that part by bubble wrap. This will help in preventing the door from hitting the wall and keep the wall safe and stain free.

3- Protect Your Car Windshield in the Winter: -

In the snowy and wintery nights when the weather gets cold the most irritating thing that one have to do in the morning is washing the windshield. To get of it place a bubble wrap, before the storm, on it will prevent the frost formation.

4- Hold the Shape of Hand Bags and Purses: -

You can protect your less used bag to form degrading from its shape by wrapping it up with a bubble wrap. In this way you can protect your lovely and fashionable purses and use them whenever you want.

5- Use as Sleeping bag Padding: -

It can be used as sleeping bag padding by placing some bubble wrap under your sleeping bag and forget about those expensive pads.

6- Protect Plants: -

You can keep your plants safe from the winter frost by wrapping bubble wrap on the container, which will keep the soil warm all the winter, protecting it from freezing in the chill.

7- Protect Delicate Produce: -

Delicate products like peaches, pears and tomatoes by lining the container with bubble wrap.

8- Keep Groceries Cold: -

To insulate the food use bubble wrap to line a reusable grocery bag.

9- Keep Your Drink Cold or Warm in the Car: -

The best way to keep your drink insulated, wrap your cars cup holder using a Bubble wrap.

10- Travel with Perishable Foods: -

To keep your food insulated and prevent them from spoiling, use a bubble wrap and wrap it around the container. It will not only keep your food fresh but also keep it warm.

People know a less about the usage of bubble wrap, that a small amusement thing can be used as an important thing as a protection. The above mentioned usages are some common use of bubble wrap that will help you in your day to day life. So now you know that this small thing that you discard as a waste can prevent your accessories from many different things.

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