Wednesday, 31 May 2017

10 Products that are Widely Used in Packaging Industry

Packaging items are required in our daily lives in one way or the other. For instance, envelops are required for keeping and sending important papers and documents, cardboard boxes are needed for packing while shifting, and bubble wraps are used for padding delicate and sensitive items.

Mentioned below are 10 products, which are used widely in the packaging industry:

1- Jiffy Bubble Envelopes: -

It is evident from the names of envelopes that they are padded inside with bubbles. Delicate items like CDs etc can be put in these jiffy bubble envelopes and sent from one place to another without the fear of the CD breaking. The bubbles take the pressure and protect the packed item.

2- Envelopes - Standard White: -
Standard white envelopes are used extensively for packing important documents and papers. Such envelopes are available in varying sizes and you can buy the one that meets your needs best. Seal the mouth of envelope and they are ready to be dispatched.

3- Furniture Covers: -
The moving and packing industry uses furniture cover extensively. These are mainly used for covering furniture when they need to be moved from one place to another for shifting. Furniture covers help in providing protection against scratches and marks while shifting.

4- Grip Seal Bags: -
Grip seal plastic bags are greatly used in offices, retail industry and for other places. While some grip seal bags are plain polythene bags; some of them come with labeling options. Colour assorted grip seal bags are also available for varied usage.

5- Industrial & Office Supplies: -
Industrial and office supplies come in many varieties right from refuse sacks to plastics, from bleach to dustbin liners, from office chairs to centre feed rolls and so on.

6- Labels -A4 Sheets: -
High quality A4 label sheets are among the most important products that are high in demands and used in the packaging industry. Complete range of sheets is available and one can buy as per needs. The labels have good quality backing paper, which means that they are great for printers as there are no chances of them getting stuck inside.

7- Loose Fill / Air Bags: -
Loose fill / air bags act as cushioning for delicate and fragile materials. Loose fill packing peanuts are great for filling up empty spaces in a packaging and make the packing secured. Pre inflated air bags and air pillows are also used for the same purpose.

8- Mailing Bags: -
Mailing bags or postal bags are extensively used in courier, when some items need to be packed and sent to some distant place. Many e-commerce stores are also using mailing bags for parceling the ordered goods. Documents can be sent in these bags as they are waterproof and oil proof. They come in different sizes with seal slip and re-sealable peel.

9- Pallet Strapping & Warehouse Tools: -
Both pallet strapping and warehouse tools are used extensively in the packaging industry. Polypropylene and steel strapping coils are the most popular options available; while various kinds of strapping and warehouse tools are also available.

10- Paper Bags: -
Demands of paper bags are increasing in the market as people are more into renewable and Eco-friendly materials. While some paper bags come with handles; some come without them. The sizes and styles of paper bags also vary from one another. Right from garments to grocery, everything can be carried in the paper bags.

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