Monday, 3 July 2017

Different Types of Tapes to Use while Packaging

For a packaging to be strong and tough, it is important that it is fastened well. And for that fastening tapes are needed. There are different kinds of packaging tapes available and they serve various purposes. Some of the most common and important varieties include:

1. Colored Low Noise Tapes

Coloured low noise packing tapes are available in transparent form as well as in brown color. This variety of tape is commonly used in various kinds of businesses and provides extra strength and adhesion. These tapes match international standards and with the low noise glue they are used extensively by manufacturers, dispatch facilities etc.

2. Polyprop Standard Tapes

Polyprop standard tapes are available in clear and brown varieties. The come in widths of 1 and 2 inches. They are used for general packing and in everyday use. These tapes are quite strong and tough and can endure test of time well. This variety of tape is also affordable when compared to other kinds of tapes.

3. Printed Tapes - Low Noise

You will see that printed low noise tapes are used in many places. These tapes are excellent for sending out warning signals. Usually these tapes are wide and have the message printed on one side and the other side has the glue. Such tapes with ‘FRAGILE’ written in all capitals are also affixed on fragile items being sent via courier.

4. Vinyl Tapes

Vinyl tapes are regarded as the strongest packaging tapes available in the market. It is evident from the name that the tapes are made from vinyl, thus they have extra strength. The adhesive used in these tapes are quite strong and they can keep boxes taped for months without any kind of damage. These tapes are available in clear and brown color options.

5. Masking Tapes

Masking tapes are used for various kinds of general purposes. However, if you want to know the real use of these tapes, you have to check the construction industry and visit the various construction sites. Such tapes are commonly seen in these places. These tapes are mainly available in yellow color.

6. Crossweave Tapes

If you are looking for the strongest tapes available in the market, you cannot go wrong with crossweave packing tapes. These are kinds of reinforced tapes which contain glass fiber filaments. As a result, these tapes are resistant from tearing and bursting. These tapes are used for fastening boxes with heavy goods or reinforced boxes. These tapes also have great grips and will maintain so for years. The best thing is that these tapes can be used on all kinds of surfaces.

7. Double Sided Tapes

It is evident from the name of the tape that there is adhesive on both sides of the tape. Therefore the tape can be used from either side. Double sided tapes are extensively used in the construction and in printing industry and are quite popular there. Usually double sided tapes are transparent and clear.

8. Kraft Paper Tapes

The biggest advantage of using Kraft paper tapes is that it is highly environmental friendly in nature. These tapes are 100% biodegradable. These tapes are of high quality and the adhesive used in the same is also of good quality. As a result, the pricing of these tapes is higher when compared to the other varieties.

9. Duct Tapes (Gaffa Tapes)

Popularly known as Gaffa tape, duct tape is one of the strongest varieties of adhesive tapes available in the market. However, these tapes are mainly seen in applicational usage. They are not suitable as packaging tape but can be used for many other purposes successfully.

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