Monday, 4 September 2017

What are Different Kinds of Removal Boxes for Moving House?

Moving house is a task that needs lots of planning and hard work. There are various kinds of things that need to be moved while shifting a house. To ensure that all the items reach safely to the destination, proper packaging needs to be done. The best packaging item that is used in house moving is none other than removal boxes. Available in different sizes and shapes and designs, these boxes can help in packaging almost any item under the sun. 

Mentioned below are some common varieties of cardboard boxes that are used for shifting a house:

1. Single Wall Boxes

It is evident from the name of the boxes that these have single walls and are suitable for packing lightweight items. Available in different sizes, these boxes are readily available and are great for shipping, warehouse and lightweight packing use. 

2. Double Wall Boxes

In double walled boxes, there is additional cardboard support on the walls so that the boxes become stronger. These boxes are great for packaging heavy items. These are extensively used in the removal industry, warehousing etc.

3. Wardrobe Boxes 

Shift your whole wardrobe to the new place in wardrobe boxes. These boxes are exclusively designed for carrying your wardrobe without inflicting a crease on the garments. Some garments like suits etc can be hung from the hangers in the box; while others can be folded and arranged and kept in the box.

4. Book Wrap / Mail Ready Packs

Mail ready packs and book wraps are great for packing books and other stationery items. CDs, DVDs, catalogues etc can be packed in the mail ready envelops and even be couriered. The book wraps can be modified as per use and are available in variable sizes as well. 

5. Golf Club Boxes

Worried as how to pack your favorite golf clubs and take them to your new house? You can use golf club boxes for the same as they are particularly designed for the purpose. Place the golf clubs inside the box and seal it well. 

6. BDC Stock Boxes 0201

These boxes are mainly used in the retail industry for packing garments, cloth etc. They are also used in mail order industries. They act as excellent moving house boxes as they are strong. They come in single wall as well as double walled versions. 

7. Printers Ream Boxes 

Carry your printer safely to the new destination in printer ream boxes. These boxes are available in cardboard and plastic variants. The boxes are available in different sizes – from A4 to A5 sizes. 

8. Made To Measure Boxes

These are bespoke boxes, which can be modified as per requirement. The boxes can be folded in different styles and shapes and items with different shapes can be packed in these boxes conveniently.  

9. Pallet boxes

Pallet boxes are used for bulk packaging or for shipping extremely heavy items. Additional support is provided in these boxes so that they can be moved from one place to another conveniently. Customized pallet boxes are also available.   

10. Picture pack boxes with EPS corners 

Pack your beautiful picture frames in picture pack boxes. The corners of the frame are protected with EPS corners and then the whole frame is put in the boxes. These boxes come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate various kinds of picture frames. 

With such varieties of packing boxes, your home shifting will become an easy job.

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