Tuesday, 3 October 2017

5 Advantages of Corrugated Packaging

Adhering to environmental sustainability has become an integral part of any business today. This alliance with eco-friendliness helps in creating a great brand identity for the business to the outside world. People are also becoming highly conscious regarding using environment-friendly items and hence demands of such products are increasing rapidly globally. The packaging industry is also highly affected by this eco-friendly wave and using such materials for product packaging.
In an attempt to create environmental friendly packaging, corrugated paper and cardboard are being used extensively. Mentioned below are 5 advantages of using corrugated packaging:

1.      Such packaging is recyclable in nature 
      When you are talking of recyclable materials, corrugated cardboard need special mention for sure. There is a ‘ripple effect’ in recycling and this reduces the energy required for making a new material from the old one. While some card boards are made from 100% recycled materials; others are made from 70%-90% recycled material. No bleaches or dyes are used in the making of corrugated packaging, thus increasing recyclability. Environmental footprint is reduced greatly with such materials.

2.      Renewable materials are used in corrugated packaging 
      Mainly birch tree or pine pulp is used in the making of corrugated packaging. Sometimes great percentage of recycles content is also used in the making of the products. When compared to hardwood trees, birch and pine trees grow fast and are abundantly available. These trees are harvested sustainably in managed forests for creating corrugated packaging.

3.       Creating corrugated packaging is energy efficient  
       Since mainly recycled materials are used in the making of corrugated packaging, the amount of energy needed for the same is low. Generally local materials are used in the making of corrugated packaging items and therefore expenses of transportation and other associated costs are also reduced. The total manufacturing expense is reduced with corrugated packaging.

4.       Corrugated packaging is reusable in nature 
      Reusing an item again and again is helpful when seen from the perspective of eco-friendliness or costing. For instance, corrugated cardboard boxes are created with flexible corners. After used once, the boxes can be collapsed and then again reshaped to be used. Before recycling, the box can be used couple of times. There are many companies, which follow this rule and smartly use reused cardboard boxes.

5.       Corrugated packaging proves to be highly efficient for product protection

      When eco-friendliness is the main concern of the business, it will try and avoid the production of the product in the first place. This is even better than recycling the product. There are various kinds of innovative and interesting designs for product packaging. Using these can help in eliminating use of excess materials while offering greater or equal structural power and strength along with product protection.

Companies manufacturing and selling corrugated packaging products
With increasing demands of corrugated and eco-friendly packaging materials, more and more companies are looking forward to manufacture such items. Along with being available in general stores, such materials are also available in various online stores, which deal with various kinds of packaging materials.

Browse through the internet to find the perfect online store for purchasing these products. Read through the product descriptions closely and understand the materials used in making them and other details. Usually such products can be purchased in bulk from the stores at discounted rates. Just ensure that you read through the terms and conditions carefully before placing orders. 

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