Thursday, 2 November 2017

Ultimate guide on protective tapes and films

Tapes and films are used by almost all the industries and sectors to protect the external surfaces. The surface protection tapes have a versatile use and are used in the sectors such as medical, electronics, metal processing, manufacturing, aerospace, plastic, wood and furniture, etc. in this blog, we’ll tell you about all the major types of tapes and films used for protecting the surface and what to look for in a tape when buying it.

Let’s get started.

Caution Security Tape: This tape is also known as the barricade tape. You will generally find this tape used at places where a warning is to be issued. It is manufactured in bright colours like a combination of red and white or black and yellow with the words ‘CAUTION’ or ‘DANGER’ printed on it. It is made with plastic material that is tear-proof like polyethylene and nylon. These tapes also comply with all the required safety standards.

Vinyl Strong Tapes: Vinyl tapes are used for almost all kind of packaging materials. This tape is known for delivering high performance with its high durability and resistance to moisture and changes in temperature. This packing tape is ideal for materials that have to be stored for long. A wide choice of variants is available in the vinyl tapes. They are available in varied widths and roll lengths. They come as clear vinyl tapes, brown tapes for packing, heavy duty brown tapes, etc.

Paper tapes: These tapes are appropriate for masking applications. The best thing about these tapes is that they can be removed with ease without any marks. They are used in painting, screen printing, and other such applications as graphic printing. Another advantage of using the paper tapes is that they are quite soft and can be torn easily. They are available in a wide range of sizes and types of paper.

Protective films: Protective films are used to shield the solid surfaces from dirt, moisture, and other kinds of physicals and chemical damage. They are generally transparent and are used to protect window glasses in the home and are also used in automobiles. They are also used to prevent scratches on the glass or other solid surfaces. They can be used permanently or even temporarily. The substrates which make use of these protective films are plastics, glass, aluminium, etc. These tapes are easy to apply and can be applied by hand or even with the help of machines. These protective films which come in transparent form are most sought after because they impart an aesthetic appeal to the solid surfaces.

There is much advancement in the field of protective tapes and films. You should choose wisely after conducting thorough research on the price and quality. You can also make use of the Umax tape guns which are very helpful in dispensing tapes.

Hope this blog helps you buy your next protective film or tape with much ease.

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