Monday, 11 December 2017

How Ecommerce can Go Green with Flexible Packaging?

However great your product may be, it needs a perfect packaging to win the hearts of the customers. It is true that an excellent product is nothing without packaging. Good packaging increases it value manifold in the minds of the customers. Packaging is mostly used by the e-commerce companies who need to ship their products over both the short and long distances. These days the e-commerce market is expanding as the demands of the consumers are increasing. 

This growth of the e-commerce is favourable for the companies on the one hand, but on the other hand it also poses a great challenge before them to pack the good in such a way that they reach the customers safely and securely. These days, the packaging supplier companies are looking for some alternate packaging materials that can replace the contemporary ones.

This alternative is called the flexible packaging. Now you must be wondering what this flexible packaging is. As the name indicates, when flexible material is used for packaging it is known as flexible packaging. Now the question that arises is what this flexible material is. These flexible materials can be paper, foil, or plastic. 

Moreover, the use of soft plastic and a wide range of its variants are sold under the name of the flexible packaging by the wholesale packaging supplier. As we all know that the soft plastic can change its form and shape, it is therefore called flexible packaging material. The packaging materials which consist of the board, glass, rigid plastic, etc. are not classified as flexible packaging material. 

The materials which go in the manufacturing of the flexible packaging stuff are ethylene vinyl alcohol, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, and such other compounds. 

The need for the flexible packaging arises from the fact that packing of the large number of goods poses a plethora of sustainability challenges for the e-commerce industry. 

Following are the ways in which flexible packaging can help the e-commerce industry go green:

Reduction in the transportation costs

Flexible packaging is very light in weight as compared to the rigid packaging material like board and glass. Therefore, you can save a lot of money in the transportation of the goods from one place to another. Along with money, you also save on the energy expenses. This can lead you a long way in reducing the carbon dioxide emissions as you’ll be using less fuel and transporting more goods.

Protection to the goods 

Flexible packaging also helps you reduce the wastage as they act as a barrier to the leaks and spillage of the liquid and other edible items. Flexible packaging also increases the life of the products.

Lesser landfill dumps

All the unused food products are dumped into the landfills. The lesser the waste materials, lesser will be the landfills dumping. 

E-commerce industry has many opportunities to avail the advantages of the flexible packaging. It is an emerging trend and can help the packaging supplier companies contribute their part towards the conservation of the environment. 

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