Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Tips for a Smooth House Move

Moving house can be arduous, laborious and stressful. But if planned well in time and done properly, it would not look difficult. 

Here we have compiled some time-tested moving house tips, read on:

Time to Declutter

Once your moving date is fixed, start to declutter your stuff. Try to discard all the useless stuff in your house. Something you have been hoarding for long but have not used for past two years, must go. Be brutal.

Get Started

As you declutter, it’s also the time to start packing. Once your moving date is finalized, get started. Start with the items you don’t regularly use. You can start with the guest room or the store room.

Use Quality Moving Boxes

To pack your stuff, you’ll need good quality moving boxes. Packaging Express is the perfect place to find robust boxes for moving house. You can also order other packing materials from them including packing tape, bubble wrap, zip tie bags, labels and marker pens.

Don't Overload Boxes

Remember to never overload the boxes. It is not a good idea to keep putting in items in a box till it’s all full. It will make picking it up difficult and it can even damage the box. Better to fill the box till it’shalf full and then top it off with pillows or soft toys. 

Label The Boxes

To keep it hassle free when unpacking, it’s better to label each box with what’s inside it and which room it belong to. You can use coloured stickers or labels for each room. Everything must be written clearly, and you should create an inventory so that you don’t have any confusion in the new house. 

Take Pictures

You can take pictures of any electronic set ups like the wires at the back of your television. This will help you in your new pad if you are not good at technology. You can also take photos of cupboard setups, ornament placement or any wall displays.

Make A Survival Box

You must make a survival box which will be having all the essential things that you would require immediately once you reach your new house. This can include a box cutter, toilet paper, paper towels, mobile chargers, cutlery, the kettle and some mugs as well as tea, coffee, milk, sugar and whatever you think you would need urgently. 

Check Cupboards And Drawers 

Once you are about to wrap up, just check cupboards and drawers, you have not forgotten anything. Keep cupboard and cabinet doors open in the days up to and on moving day so that you will be able to see that you have packed everything. You can do the same with the kitchen drawers.

Update Your Address

If you don’t want your mails or parcels to come to your old address, it’s better to get your address changed in your bank, online shopping websites and other companies. You must do this two weeks before you move.

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