Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Packaging Trends to Watch Out For

With the advancement in technology, the packaging industry too is seeing changes. Consumers are now more aware and they understand the worth of sustainable packaging. Here we have rounded up a few packaging trends to watch out for.

Lightweight and Recyclable Packaging

Lightweight and sustainable packaging helps in reducing the cost and carbon footprint. Flexible packaging market is booming world over as it can be easily recyclable. All kinds of packaging goods can be well protected in lightweight packaging. 

The lighter the weight of the package, the lighter will be the load, thus reducing the cost of shipping products to the final destination. Now that the priority is sustainability, there is growing demand of lightweight removal boxes and closing machines that support flexible packaging materials.

Creative Package Design

An innovative package design puts a good impression about the brand on consumers. With the increasing requirement for customization due to the increase in the online sales of consumer goods, the need for creative packaging is increasing as well. Using customized shapes for packaging to complement the product inside leaves a lasting impression on consumers. Another way to get creative is to create a packaging that can be reutilised. 

Customers would lap the idea of a package that can be utilized differently once its contents are finished. Try to understand your target consumer profiles and find a way to increase your product’s demand using a creative approach.

Clear Labelling and Packaging To Increase Shelf Life

Consumers like packaging with clear labels that make it easy to understand the ingredients. Nowadays people prefer organic food, so packaging materials, which can replace the preserving ingredients that are mostly used to increase the shelf life, are in demand. 

Food manufacturers should clearly mention the ingredients so that customer could easily recognise the ingredients. A technology using High Pressure Processing (HPP) can be used to extend shelf life for fresher and healthier foods.

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Follow Food Labelling Regulations

When it comes to labelling, FDA nutritional labelling regulations for foods need to be followed. Everything from nutritional content for the ingredients in the food product, the serving size, expiry date and the placement requirements for your package must be clearly mentioned. 

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