Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Types of Kraft Paper and Their Business Uses

When someone says ‘kraft paper’, we end up remembering those school days when we used to make a lot of things using the kraft paper. Today there are so many different types of kraft paper available in the market that have more uses in the packing and business sector. Kraft paper roll available in the market these days is more than just a paper to be used in school projects. 

Various businesses can use different types of kraft paper to pack their products aesthetically or to improve their branding efforts. We have compiled all types of kraft papers and how they can be used for your business needs.

Printed Kraft Paper

Printed kraft paper is used in many industries due to their quality and versatility. Custom printed kraft paper is used for branding. It is used for packaging, wrapping and even for in store displays. 

Restaurants use printed kraft paper with their logos and contact information printed to wrap sandwiches or other food orders. It’s a cheap form of advertising also.

Shoe brands use printed kraft paper with their logo and shoe care details printed on it to wrap the shoe before putting it inside the shoebox. Clothing manufacturers also use krafts paper to put between the outfits ordered with the logo and the ‘how to care’ details of the garments. 

This is sheer advertising as well as the garment is saved from being wrinkled during the shipping.

Virgin Natural Kraft Paper  

Durability is what makes the virgin natural kraft paper to be in demand in various industries. It’s the heavy lifter of the paper industry. Since it is tear resistant, it can be easily used for heavy-duty applications. 

Clean fibre and low cost makes it the most sought after paper for packaging, wrapping and more. It is also used for branding as it easy to print on it. For all your kraft paper requirements get in touch with Packaging Express.

Natural Recycled Kraft Paper

Industries prefer environmentally friendly options of packaging and natural recycled kraft paper is just that. It’s a little less strong than virgin natural kraft paper. It is used with dunnage and void filling purposes.  

Tray liners or for boxes, it is the best option. It is also used as the bottom wrap for newspapers. Both virgin and recycled kraft papers are available online in standard weights.

Coloured Kraft Paper

This one is for sure mostly used in school craft projects. They are also used to put as a backdrop in bulletin boards, scrapbooks and for other school supplies. Coloured kraft paper is available in all colours under the sun. 

Apart from schools, it should be on the shopping list of parents.

Black Kraft Paper

This one is also mostly required for school projects. It can be used as a backing of picture frames because of its durability. They are also used for borders and making crafts where you need light barrier due to its dark colour.

White or Bleached Kraft Paper

White or bleached kraft paper is ideal for packaging and other applications where strength and durability is required. Like virgin natural kraft paper, it is also resistant to wear and tear. 

Due to its clean and crisp appearance it is often used as the economic replacement of the tablecloths in restaurants.

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