Saturday, 5 May 2018

What to do with Empty Cardboard Boxes?

When moving house, you require a lot of cardboard removal boxes. And after you unpacked your stuff in your new house, you are left with a whole bunch of cardboard boxes lying waste. Even when you order goods online, you get them in cardboard boxes. 

Again a waste as you might think. But before throwing them away, think of reusing them. 

DIY Craft Ideas

Using empty cardboard boxes, you can make various craft items as per your imagination. You can make your kids make their school projects using the waste cardboard boxes, instead of buying cardboard sheets from the market. 

Cardboard projects may include cardboard statues, toys and even furniture!


Empty cardboard boxes can be used as wardrobe storage boxes. Your child’s toys can be stored in a box; this would keep his room clean. You can also keep your documents safe in a cardboard box. In your attic, you can keep your old clothes in a box. 

Sturdy cardboard boxes can be turned into makeshift shelves. You can also make partitions using the cardboard sheets of waste boxes.

Use for Shipping

You can use a waste box you are left with when you receive a parcel to ship some gifts to your friends and relatives. Reuse an old box, instead of buying a new one. Also, if there is something that you are mailing that needs padding, use cardboard padding only. 

This way you will keep the item safe while shipping. This will not just save your money but it will be small environmental friendly step too. 

Kids Play Stuff

You can reuse cardboard boxes by making a rocket or a play house for your child. It will provide great play stuff for your child and his friends. 

Even in a fancy dress competition, you can make your child gift, using a waste cardboard box!

Save Your Floor

You can save your wooden floor from getting scratches while moving your furniture. Use cardboard sheets below your furniture and then easily slide them around. Not just that your wooden floor would be saved but also you will be able slide so effortlessly that you wouldn’t get back pain.

Donate Old Stuff in Box 

You can also use old cardboard box for keeping waste stuff, toys or clothes. It’s easy to keep such stuff together and then donate them to an orphanage. 

Cardboard box makes it easy to transport to the orphanage. 

Packing for Moving 

If you are planning to move any time soon, then old cardboard removal boxes will come in handy and you wouldn’t have to buy new ones. You can start collecting them now and by the time you will move, you are ready with more boxes. 

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