Monday, 4 June 2018

Interesting Uses of Kraft Paper Roll

If you have kids, you know the importance of kraft paper rolls. Being a parent, you have to be involved in all the craft projects of your children. And not even a single project gets completed without kraft paper roll

Here we have compiled various uses of this versatile paper.

Artistic Background

source: Weddbook

A kraft paper can be used to create an artistic background be it for photography, sharing a recipe, making an announcement, birthday celebrations and more such uses. 

You can click a picture of kid, say when he turns say one year. You need to decorate it, write the message and his age and use it as a backdrop. 

Gift bags

You can engage your child in making kraft paper gift bags. 


Here is a DIY for making gift bags. 

1. Cut a kraft paper in the size you want to make a bag. 

2. Then fold the paper in half, punch holes for the ribbon. 

3. Decorate the bag as per your liking with ribbons and thank you cards. 

4. Stick heart stickers. 

You can pur anything like candies or chocolates inside and gift it to your best friend in school.

Colouring Sheets


Using kraft paper you can create large colouring sheets for your child. They would surely enjoy to colour it. If your child loves sketching, then he himself can create different designs and then fill colour in it. 

Such colourful sheets can be used as play mats as well. Make shift train track or board games can be created using kraft paper rolls.

Learning Aids


Kraft paper can be used to create learning aids for your kids. Children learn fast when they have visual aid to guide them. 

While playing, they learn faster. You can teach them a lot many things using kraft paper learning aids like how to set the table and more such stuff. 

Your children would love to create such learning aids themselves using kraft paper and colours.  

Selfie Point Backdrop


You can even create a selfie point backdrop using kraft paper roll. All you need is bit creativity! 

Get as much creative as you can get and experiment as much as you want. For your child’s birthday party, you can arrange such a selfie point where your child and his friends can click crazy pictures. Let the kids accessorise a bit. 

You can give them cool hats and some funny sunglasses before taking selfies. If organising a vintage themed party for your daughter’s birthday, you can create polka dots backdrop. You can paint white dots of any size randomly. 

You can also use coloured papers and cut out circles of various colours and sizes and paste them on the kraft paper sheet. 

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