Tuesday, 27 August 2019

7 Types of Packaging Supplies and How to Use Them

Before sending a package, you want to be sure that is packaged carefully, and the risk associated with it getting damaged gets minimized. 

Here is the list of the best packaging materials that you should know about:


Cardboard boxes are one of the most used items by packaging suppliers. You can find boxes made of cardboard in different shapes and sizes which can be used depending on your requirement. There are small boxed which be used for the mailboxes, big ones that are used when someone is shifting from one place to another. Cardboard on a roll is another popular material you can easily find today, which is ideal for materials that have an unusual size.  The cardboard can also be used to separate different articles in the box.


Plastic film is one of the best kinds of sealing materials that can be found today. It comes with a shrink and stretch foil which are used to seal multiple articles all at once. The stretch foil is so-called because of its elastic properties. Shrink sealing, on the other hand, gets heated up when wrapped around a product and melts after some time. Sealing is also done on products before they are sent for loading in the trucks.

Plastic bags

There are different types of plastic bags that are used for packaging apart from the traditional ones. Some of them come with a zipper, others with a drawstring or snap fastening depending on the requirement. You can also find pouches that are sealed and ideal for packaging materials that might leak. Another new variety of bags are the isothermal pockets which are used for maintaining the temperature of the products. 

At times, foam sachets or air cushions are used for handling fragile products. These small bags are similar to the bubble wrap, but in this, the bubbles are present on the outer side of the bad so that it is easy to put the products back into the bag. But they offer similar protection as that of a bubble wrap. 


Paper has several advantages as a packaging material. It is inexpensive, easy, and eco-friendly. You can find a wide variety of wrapping papers that are used for packaging today.

Bleached kraft

This kind of material is extremely strong and is in the form of white paper, which is considered ideal for almost all types of shipments.

Crepe paper

This paper is thin and used for separating or packaging the extreme shapes very easily. This type of paper is considered to be useful for box stuffing and is quite expensive as well.

Natron kraft 

You must know this as a traditional brown packing paper which is used for holding small packets at it is robust and can hold weights to a certain extent.

Filled air 

This is known for plastic bags or air cushions. The airbags are highly protective and can be used quickly as a shield for the products.

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