Friday, 27 September 2019

Tips For Choosing The Right Cardboard Boxes For Your Business

Cardboard boxes that you use to supply your products might seem like something extra, but you should never take presentation of your business for granted. Poor quality packing will make your business look cheap and moreover boxes that do not protect items properly may leave you with disputes about refunds as well as some terrible verbal comments from disappointed customers.

Despite enormous advances in material science nothing can still match the good old cardboard for strength and convenience at a realistic price. They are incredibly easy to use and are still the most popular way to post anything.

Now with internet it has become quite easy to browse through the wide world of boxes before making your choice. You can simply make your choice and get your flat packed boxes to arrive ready for assembly & dispatch.

Choosing the right box takes some thought as you need to consider several things like size of your product, the support it may require and how delicate it is. Shipping fresh air is something you have to pay for, so the better the fit the less you’ll pay in wasted postage.


Cardboard boxes come in several different sizes, shapes and are very versatile; your personal choice depends on the way the box is put together and the number of layers of corrugated cardboard which make up its walls. Single-wall cardboard boxes are not only traditional favourite but are also cheap and easy to use as well as light weight. They however, do not support heavy products – ask for samples before going into the business. On the other hand double wall cardboard boxes give the extra level of protection for fragile and delicate products.


Double wall cardboard boxes are quite thick with 7 mm wall around your product and provide an extra layer of protection, however they cost a little more than single wall boxes. Due to this extra layer double wall boxes are more rigid are more resistant to damage. Consider these boxes if your product weighs much or can be easily damaged. These boxes do not weigh much more than single wall boxes hence shouldn’t add much to your postage costs. Moreover double wall boxes last longer so if you use them for storage, you should get multiple uses from them.

Bespoke boxes

You can now design the box according to your shipping requirements and budget. You can decide your own choice of join like stitched or glued and can choose between a single or double wall boxes. as

Though cardboard boxes are very versatile, they are very rarely a complete solution and you need to find the right tape or fastening and also consider using packing materials like paper or bubble wrap roll to keep your product safe and sound all the way to the customer. Companies that offer both the box & accessories are best and will save you time as well as get you deals when you buy both together.

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